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Helping Not for Profits do More and Build Life Long Relationships


Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Charities

CRM for Charities & Not for Profits can help you achieve two key goals; to recruit and maintain your volunteer / student base for the long term, whilst engaging with new audiences, reaching out to new supporters.  Traditional supporters may prefer traditional communications, however new supporters need to be influenced in different ways so the use of social media and digital channels are increasingly important.

CRM is a system that allows charities to track and manage each contact, taking away the strain of repetitive tasks whilst helping to improve the efficiency of your charity.

It will help generate more…

  • Funding
  • Clients
  • Donors
  • Effective communication
  • Time.

About the solution

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (MS CRM for Charities) is an exceptional, highly customizable, software programme that offers functionality to build closer relationships with your supporters and influencers and helps your company achieve new levels of fundraising.

MS CRM retains supporters and increases efficiency, eliminating unnecessary marketing spend and increasing employee productivity.  The solution is scalable and modules can be added as you become more familiar with using CRM, such as event management or Gift Aid management.

CRM Training costs for Microsoft Dynamics are low as it is a familiar looking product which is easily adopted by users.


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We are successfully working with several third sector membership organisations including charities, housing associations, regeneration organisations, grant giving charities, museums and many more.


Caltech CRM offers exceptional and bespoke solutions that are proven, and very affordable.  We offer charity pricing for Registered Charities not just on licenses but also on consultancy rates!  All users work from the same system and the data is in one place, consistent and available for everyone at the same time.


Leeds Ahead Not for Profit Testimonial


Using CRM for Charities helps to keep in contact with valuable donors, sponsors and volunteers and holds a wealth of information to help focus on the best events and efforts for your charity.

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Requirements of CRM for charities


  • Membership and contact management
  • Gift Aid management
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Donor information is data protected and in one system
  • Track results of your marketing efforts including email marketing and campaign management
  • Expand fundraising methods
  • Improve relationships with existing supporter base
  • Allows events to be managed
  • Improve communications campaigns including anti-spam
  • Integration with your website and potentially a web shop
  • Report with ease

Caltech has a proven track record in tailoring Microsoft Dynamics CRM specifically for the charity, not for profit sector.


Testimonial from SRSB registered charity


Being a charitable organization does not shelter you from the pitfalls when implementing a CRM solution.  Understanding what CRM needs to accomplish for you, and who will be involved from the beginning is a key pre-requisite.  Please see our ten steps to CRM success to help you plan your implementation.


Implementing a CRM strategy will have far-reaching implications across your organisation through all functions internally.  CRM requires a huge culture change and engagement drive.  It is a philosophy not a technology; the system that supports and allows CRM to be achievable is merely the tool to allow your organisation to achieve the goals, strategy and vision, whilst meeting quality and other tracking regulations that are required.



Charity Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pricing


Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be purchased in the cloud, and the license fee is charged per user per month.  There are also on premise licenses that can be purchased.


For pricing for cloud CRM or on-premise licenses, see the downloads section on the top right of this page. 

Microsoft CRM pricing for Charities


The product license cost is substantially reduced for Registered Charities.  Caltech also offers a reduced consultancy fee for charitable implementations.  There are three methods of implementation to help with affordability and getting you up and running in the best way based on your needs.  See our home page for more details.


Implementing CRM for charities



Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 


  • Fundraising Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Special Event Management
  • Membership Management
  • Donor Management

Key benefits:

  • Drive supporter engagement and long term relationships
  • Communicate better with constituents
  • Make better decisions through simple segmentation
  • Excellent management oversight for better predictability of fundraising streams
  • The ability to automate routine, repetitive tasks for better productivity of your team
  • Focus on relationships for increased dedication and fundraising
  • Enhance productivity through a user friendly interface
  • Proactively manage donors and identify top opportunities for improved efficiency
  • Use CRM to thank donors and fundraisers using templates to expedite the process
  • Powerful reporting and management system giving the ability to review the fundraising campaigns that are working and strip out activity that isn’t working any longer
  • Reduce cost of wasted time and effort
  • Clear and effective interface that runs within Outlook Office to aid user uptake of the system
  • Event Manager Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Exceptional pricing (over 75% off list prices) for Not for Profits on Microsoft licensing.


Caltech has over 15 years’ experience in CRM system integration.  Working with us reduces the risk of wasted time, effort and money and means you can reap the full benefit of a CRM system from the outset.

To find out more or to get a free demonstration or free trial contact Caltech CRM by emailing

 5 Top CRM Tips for Charities

Top CRM Tips for CharitiesNext Steps

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