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Here at Caltech we provide CRM consultancy to deliver value for our clients; enabling a CRM system to power them forward to realise return on investment, saving them wasted time, money and effort.  We are here to ensure you are achieving maximum return on investment (ROI) from your solution whether you are new to CRM, or have already deployed it.  Wherever you are in your CRM journey, Caltech’s CRM consultants can help.
Why Caltech exists

In 1999 Phil Callaghan established Caltech to work to deliver CRM software to businesses to enable them to do more for less.  Today, our consultants help more with process first, software second.  Our goals are to ensure that every client loves to use CRM and can see the value and benefit, and for their clients to feel that value through loyalty and customer experience.

Process First

We see the question often posed, “What is the best CRM?”  We really take a different approach.

We say, “What processes do you want to manage using CRM?” and “What benefits do you want to see after CRM has been implemented?”

By looking at what isn’t working now and mapping your processes gives you a good requirement for CRM.  Why do you need CRM?

Once you know this our CRM consultants can help demonstrate how Microsoft CRM can realise those goals.


We work closely with our clients throughout a CRM implementation to truly understand what they are trying to achieve.  Our consultants take the time to get under your skin to ensure that CRM will work for you.

CRM consulting at Caltech


Our consultancy service offerings include:

  • Full Large Scale Implementations
  • Training
  • Development scoping
  • Upgrades
  • Up and running implementations
  • Hosting and moving your CRM to the cloud

We offer three different packages to suit your specific needs.  Every CRM system is bespoke, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  We tailor each system to realise benefits for you.  We don’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ service.  We listen to your requirements to match the way you work.

CRM Consultancy implementation Packages


Getting the most from your CRM software.

Our consultancy services help our clients to get the most out of their Microsoft CRM software.  We help you realise the benefits sooner.  We work with clients who are new to CRM as well as those who may have CRM but feel it isn’t generating any return on investment for them.

Our dedicated CRM team provide tailored CRM system implementations, data migration and support, all designed to help you get ahead.  We use trusted methodology, years of experience and a great wealth of knowledge of Microsoft CRM software to get you ahead.

Proof Points

Caltech is a Microsoft CRM Silver Partner.  All our CRM consultants are Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs).  Our support team also hold valuable MCPs.

We have worked with Microsoft CRM since version 3 and have successfully delivered CRM implementations of varying complexity since 1999.  Join our customers and work with a trusted UK based team of CRM experts at Caltech.

See our case studies to find out more.


Beyond the Consultant

As an organisation providing CRM consultancy it is important to our clients that we collaborate.  As a team of CRM consultants, techies, developers and process experts our clients receive a well-rounded and precise solution.  Because we share information as a team we find the best way to ensure processes are mapped in the most efficient way to the software.  As the support team are involved in the build of the solution they understand the processes and systems.

For more information of how to avoid the pitfalls of a CRM implementation see our popular 10 step tips and tricks page.

Why use a CRM consultant?

To consult or to go it alone?  That is the question…

Caltech provides value added services to empower Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Sometimes referred to as a CRM boutique or CRM consultancy house, we work hard to deliver a precise customised platform for your needs – no matter how big or small.

Implementing a CRM system is rarely simply installing a piece of software.  We provide advice of how to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to its full potential.

User adoption of the software can be overlooked but is pivotal to the success of any CRM system.

Implementing any CRM software will come with a cost.  We speak with organisations that have taken the bold step of subscribing to Microsoft CRM Online and then think, now what?  Caltech knows CRM so well that if the functionality is in the product we can enable it for you.

If your CRM simply isn’t working and giving you a return on investment or powering efficiency, it could be time to look at consultancy.

Perhaps you are using an older version of Microsoft CRM and you want to upgrade?  Or maybe you are on premise and want to move your CRM system to the cloud.


Caltech are CRM specialists.  It’s all we do.  Want to find out more, why not email or call us T: 01924507280


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