Why Caltech CRM

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We provide expert Dynamics CRM consultancy.

Why Caltech CRM exists
In 1999 Phil Callaghan established Caltech IT Limited (Caltech CRM) to work to deliver CRM software to businesses to enable them to do more for less.  Today, our consultants help more with process first, software second.  Our goals are to ensure that every client loves to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and can see the value and benefit, and for their clients to feel that value through loyalty and customer experience.

Process First

We see the question often posed, “What is the best CRM?”  We really take a different approach.

We say, “What processes do you want to manage using CRM?” and “What benefits do you want to see after CRM has been implemented?”

By looking at what isn’t working now and mapping your processes gives you a good requirement for CRM.

Once you know this our CRM consultancy services can help demonstrate how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can realise those goals.

So why Caltech CRM?

We work closely with our clients throughout a CRM implementation to truly understand what they are trying to achieve.  Our consultants take the time to get under your skin to ensure that CRM will work for you.

Caltech IT Limited trading as Caltech CRM specialises in CRM implementation, development and support using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Your needs are in safe hands with Caltech IT Limited, CRM strategy specialists and Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts. We hold the Microsoft Dynamics Silver competency in CRM specifically.


Dynamics CRM Consultancy

Caltech CRM helps design and build a solution that is right for each individual client. Our expertise is available just as long as it’s needed to accelerate project development and ensure a project is completed with the best technology for you, on time and budget.  We are based just outside of Leeds in West Yorkshire, and we work across the UK.

Requirements Gathering

We time to scope your requirements to ensure we are meeting your exacting needs and any foreseeable future needs. We do this to ensure you get the right system for your requirements and to ensure it’s the best option.

We strive to work with clients to ensure that their return on investment is maximized.

With over 400 implementations of various CRM systems we can really offer great impartial advice on scoping your CRM requirements, and give you sound structured documentation you can trust.

Our services include:

  • Requirements and process review – to understand and review your current processes and look at the potential requirements.
  • Fit gap and solution blueprint – to demonstrate the fit of your requirements and using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet these needs.
  • Proof of concept – regarding sample data.
  • Architecture assessment – to demonstrate the design of the Microsoft CRM system.
  • Scoping assessment – allows us to estimate costs at a high level and put together a resource plan.
  • Business case – we can input and offer assistance to develop your business case for key stakeholders and senior management.
  • Upgrade assessment – we review what you are using and how to successfully upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

These short assessment services give you structure and a true understanding of what CRM can achieve for you, as well as clarity for a predictable implementation we then use this documentation for sound project management.  See more information below about how we work and Why Caltech CRM can ensure you a great Dynamics CRM implementation!

CRM Consultancy man

  • CRM Training
  • Silver
  • Values

Get more value from CRM We take time to understand what is unique about your business and thus offer bespoke training packages to suit the way that you will use Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We offer training for new and experienced users of Dynamics CRM. Our Dynamics CRM training packages will ensure that you maximize your return on investment and equip your users of the system with the knowledge to use the system effectively to win more business, save time and give them the tools to do their job using CRM. Want to find out more? Partner with Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts Caltech IT Limited. We implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions and offer advice on getting the most from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Caltech IT Ltd is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Silver partner.  We hold Microsoft Dynamics CRM Silver partner status.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Silver Partner


But what does that mean, and how can a Dynamics CRM partner help me to implement and continue to get the most out of the product?

What is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM competency?

Microsoft competencies are a way for partners working with Microsoft products to showcase their expertise. Competencies are available for infrastructure and business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Caltech IT Limited has been a Microsoft partner for nearly a decade, and more specifically a Microsoft Partner Silver Customer Relationship management since they were first released in 2011.

Being a Dynamics CRM partner really sets us apart. Caltech is able to demonstrate specific expertise with the Microsoft CRM application, and it ensures that we can give our customers the best option to use the system in the most efficient way.

The silver accreditation demonstrates our commitment to Dynamics CRM and demonstrates consistent capability and specialism.

Gaining a specific Microsoft competency is just that; a real commitment. Each year we need to ensure that we have 3 Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) with up to date qualifications in CRM installation and deployment, customisation and configuration, and application.

Each member of the team is fully trained (usually both on the job experience as well as a full week of training) and they then take the exam. All our MCP’s have passed first time.

We also ensure that we have at least 3 customer references aligned to our competency (although we generally have more), and 2 more employees must have completed sales and pre sales assessments.

All our CRM consultants are qualified in Microsoft SureStep which also aligns to our competency. Microsoft SureStep is project methodology specifically for implementing CRM solutions.   We have refined the process over the years and have an efficient way of working that helps our clients to reap the benefits of the solution.

Finally we have to ensure that we are working with a number of CRM clients consistently.

As a business, Caltech invests heavily into its team as well as Dynamics CRM as a product. At each roll up or major release we work tirelessly to equip our staff with the skill to know what the upgrades are. We do team training days and help each other to understand in great detail each new function or capability within the product. We really do offer best in class Dynamics CRM expertise.

Silver or Gold

So what is different in Gold?

Gold is about size. Instead of 3 MCPs, there needs to be 6. Gold CRM does not mean that there are additional exams or capability. The exams that Silver partners take are exactly the same as Gold partners.

So why not trust Caltech IT Limited with your CRM implementation, proud Silver Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management Partners.

Caltech IT Ltd is committed to service delivery that is totally customer focused. This philosophy is underpinned by our Customer Care Policy.
At the heart of this commitment is honest and open communication. This communication is not limited to our customers but also to our staff. We work in partnership with customers, suppliers and staff to achieve jointly set project goals.
Communication begins from initial meetings right through to project completion and beyond. Responsible, accountable people are assigned to ensure the highest standards of customer care. There is always a name and face to take responsibility.
We carry out regular customer surveys to thoroughly understand what we do right and what we, sometimes, do wrong. It is only by understanding these issues can we continue to develop the business.

Caltech IT Ltd aims to provide a professional service to satisfy our customers’ quality and delivery expectations and demands.

To achieve this, our objectives are to:

Establish customer needs and perception of products and services as early as we can.

Customise our products and services to ensure they are designed, produced and delivered to meet our customer requirements quickly, efficiently and at a cost that is not prohibitive.

Provide customers with effective and innovative solutions to their problems.

Facilitate a teamwork approach with all involved parties to ensure client expectations are realised.

Provide communication links and systems at all appropriate levels in order to maximise responsiveness and co-operation.

Seek to minimise disruption to customers in the delivery of these services.

Facilitate project reviews to improve quality with the aim of developing continuous improvement to all added value aspects.

Here at Caltech IT Limited, our customers are at the heart of the organisation.  We provide every client with an experienced account manager who will take you under their wing.  The account managers are there to ensure you get the most from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  We also hold Microsoft Dynamics CRM user groups to enhance your experience of the product and enable networking between our clients, giving you invaluable support at every turn.

Our team focuses on delivering precise CRM solutions. We know how competitive and challenging the market is, so we work hard to deliver the best possible experience for our customers. Phil Callaghan, MD, Caltech IT Ltd.