10 Top Reasons to Choose Microsoft CRM

As more and more organisations in all industries and teams start to look at CRM – they ask us more and more – why Microsoft CRM…  Well, here are our 10 Top Reasons to Choose Microsoft CRM:

  1. It works with Microsoft Office Outlook – literally in one place…  Microsoft CRM gives extra capability to Microsoft Office Outlook putting leads, marketing and sales information in one place for all teams to use…
  2. Microsoft CRM works exactly the way that your processes, strategies and vision do – it is easily tailored and is the heart of these functions driving them forward.
  3. The Right Communications to the Right People at the Right Time : Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows users to easily segment the data and group contacts (customers, clients, partners, suppliers, students…) allowing employees to give the right information to the right people at the right time empowering employees and engaging with the target audience.
  4. Microsoft CRM works seamlessly with Microsoft Excel – so that data can easily be pulled out of your system and most importantly if it is stored as dynamic data then it can be updated regularly with the click of a button.
  5. Microsoft CRM improves efficiency – it is not another thing to do – it really works and there are many advocates to prove it.  Not only does it improve efficiency of employees but also takes the organisation into the realms of higher levels of customer experience and satisfaction and competitive advantage.
  6. Marketing and Lead Nurturing is a walk in the park – using Microsoft CRM really does allow marketeers to have the data they need to lead nuture or send information that is relevant at the right time.
  7. Micros0ft CRM can empower employees and allows them to work as a team in a unified manner – both in and away from the office…
  8. Microsoft CRM eliminates the silo workings…  and using service effectively keeps customers satisfied
  9. Microsoft CRM can be easily integrated – ask us what you want to integrate it with…
  10. Reporting giving strategic real time view – is easily accessible from Microsoft CRM which can really get into what works and what doesn’t for your organisation, empowering management, refining processes and giving focus where it is required most.

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