4 Essential Ways to Drive CRM Success

Smarter and Stronger- CRM Success


Now is the time to make important decisions – do you seek a stronger foothold with existing clients and services or to grow into pastures new by expanding your customer base and investing in new offerings.  Or, maybe a combination of the two? Whatever you decide, your strategy must be based on accurate information about your organisation and your clients.


Important decisions rely on the evaluation of good quality, timely information about your organisation and its key clients. And that’s where the power of a well-implemented Customer Relationship Management solution can make a huge difference.

What’s important is an in-depth understanding of your organisational goals.  Then it’s a case of flexing the CRM solution to ensure it works hard for you, and makes an impact at all levels within your organisation.

How to approach CRM Success

It may be unfamiliar territory to you, but all CRM solutions have four broad capabilities.

  1. Empower your service teams. Turn a cost burden into a sales asset. 


Empower your service teams with information – provide finger-tip access to order history, preferences, recent contacts, outstanding cases.  This means your service teams will be best equipped to deal with each customer transaction and close first time resolution.

  1. Enable your sales marketing teams.  Shorter sales cycle through information-sharing and streamlined business processes.


Unite your sales and marketing teams – use CRM to create targeted marketing campaigns which are maximised through sales follow-up.  Use CRM to hold all customer and contact information as well as account plans, so you can continually evaluate the sales and order pipeline and build better customer relationships through meaningful dialogue.

  1. Focus your marketing teams. Channel investment wisely – understand what works and what doesn’t.


Make CRM Success by using the full capabilities of CRM to target your campaigns more effectively – get the right message to the right person at the right time, and ensure appropriate follow-up from sales teams. Become more responsive by using CRM to mail merge, enabling you to create a highly targeted campaign safe in the knowledge that each customer profile will be automatically updated.

  1. Understand your business.  Make the right decisions through analysis of up-to-date information about your organisation and customers.


Generate reports to gain insight into service cases – improve the customer experience by drilling down to the root cause of repeat issues.  Analyse what customers are asking for so you can respond effectively.  Use CRM successfully to gain a more accurate view of your sales pipeline to help plan financing, investment and cash flow.  Understand who are your best sales people, what’s selling and in what volume.


Used effectively, CRM will help your organisation achieve its long and short-term goals.  It will:

  • Ensure you’re targeting the right prospects or existing customers using the most effective messages channels
  • Help your sales people turn leads into customers & build improved relationships with existing customers to create increased loyalty
  • Help you and your teams to make the right decisions based on quality, timely information.

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