Technology never stands still, and that is certainly true for Dynamics 365.  It’s not always easy to keep up-to-date with developments so here we recap on what we believe were some of the most important new features released this year.

Some were major, like AI-driven customer care, whilst others were smaller but still highly impactful in terms of time saving and informing better decisions.
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#1 Dynamics 365 Sales – details on won/lost opportunities

Microsoft Teams is already Microsoft’s fastest-growing application in its history, with more than 13m active users. This year, Microsoft provided an enhancement to connect Dynamics 365 Sales records to Microsoft Teams channels without leaving the Dynamics 365 Sales app.
When connecting a Dynamics 365 Sales record to a Microsoft Teams channel, relevant members are suggested based on users associated with the Dynamics 365 Sales record. Member suggestions will be available to a user if designated as a channel owner.
SDK support is now available for the Microsoft Teams integration feature for any entity type, including custom entity types.
When creating a Teams channel from the Dynamics 365 Sales record page, users can automatically connect the Dynamics 365 Sales record to the selected channel.

#2 Dynamics 365 for Marketing – single click approval

It is now possible to approve activities in a single click using Microsoft Flow.  This means you can approve campaigns, emails and other marketing-related tasks in a single click, moving them more smoothly and efficiently through the pre-designed workflow.  There are automatic notifications to managers and colleagues regarding new approval requests.

#3 Dynamics 365 for Sales – manage and track leads more easily

New leads can be created without the need to enter company or contact details manually. Instead, Dynamics 365 will use the information it already stores on existing customers to automatically complete fields with relevant information.

#4 Dynamics 365 Sales – Compose multiple emails from the same screen

Users are now able to compose emails without having to leave their current screen which makes it easier to view all the relevant information in one place.  This makes it quicker and easier to complete tasks.

#5 Dynamics 365 for Service – Virtual agent

The virtual agent solution is designed to improve customer service by ensuring your customers can get the answers they need 24/7.  It involves the creation of bots using a guided, codeless graphical UI which is then embedded into your website without the need to use AI engineers or data scientists.

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