Choosing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner

Microsoft Dynamics partners can ensure that your CRM will be a success. 

Here at Caltech we believe that every CRM solution can be successful when you start out with a good strategy, of what do you want to deliver for your customers?


We recommend you look at your goals first.  How do you want your customers to feel when they have done business with you?  How do you want you prospects to feel when you market to them?

Then look at other strategies in place already.  Contact strategies, customer experience, customer service, support and so on.

Look at your processes are they mapped out and supporting those strategies, visions and goals?

The next step would be to review your pain points – where do the processes need to be refined.  Is there something that is too manual that could be automated.  What’s the big subject in the offices at the moment?

This is when you would look at CRM solutions.  CRM solutions are a business enabler and they will help you to deliver your strategies and your goals.    Good CRM consultants will not pump and dump CRM.  CRM is far more than contact management and can really propel great benefits.

Choosing Microsoft Dynamics partners as a CRM provider can be difficult so here are our top considerations:

#1     They have to value you and your clients – do they really care?!

#2      Do they really understand CRM?

#3      They must use a CRM implementation methodology when working with CRM – some project management techniques are not robust enough for CRM implementations.  Caltech recommends SureStep project management.  SureStep will help when implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM as well as Upgrading or other CRM specifications.

#4      There is a dedicated support team.

#5      There are clear lines of communication and robust SLA’s in place.

#6      There is an opportunity to ensure that CRM will work best for you and get more for you.

#7       The scope, costs and timelines are guaranteed early on.

#8       They are committed to CRM and have resources such as user groups or engagement days.

#9       They offer dedicated project management, consultancy, development and account management.

#10    They are up to date with the technologies that they offer and have relevant certifications in place.

#11    They offer services that compliment CRM such as best practise value adding solutions.

#12         They work with any type of site – on premise, hosted or Online.


Here at Caltech CRM we live and breathe CRM its all we do and we are Microsoft Dynamics partners.  We have dedicated in house developers, support team, account managers, CRM consultants and project managers.  All are fully trained in Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology, SureStep and CRM techniques, as necessary, to get the most for you our clients.

But don’t take our word for it.  See our case study library.

Or why not speak with us today and find out what will ensure your CRM success…

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