Click Dimensions, An Introduction

Please see my Click Dimensions Introduction

Click Dimensions is the only 100% Microsoft CRM marketing automation vendor.  It is built from within Dynamics CRM or 365 as it is now, and it is held on Azure.  It is an easy to use marketing automation solution and it has a host of digital marketing tools to help propel your marketing efforts.  As a digital marketer myself I really wanted to give you an introduction to Click Dimensions.  If you are a marketer using Dynamics 365 then I would recommend you see Click Dimensions in action to evaluate how you can propel your marketing efforts.  Check out my Click Dimensions introduction.


Why Click Dimensions

So apart from Click only being available from within Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365, what makes it such a fantastic solution for digital marketers?

If you are a marketer using Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365 then enabling your data for marketing purposes will be a key consideration.  You will be looking for a sure way to guarantee that your data is always up to date and that you can trust your suppressions and your consent to marketing for each and every contact.

Using Click Dimensions means that your data is enabled from within Dynamics 365 – and you have one solution.  You no longer need to log into an email solution provider to create a template, update suppressions manually or enable more automation.  Click Dimensions gives you all that from Dynamics 365 which is what makes it very powerful.

Another great thing about Click (in my opinion), is that it doesn’t need any integration.  Using integration techniques is something that Caltech IT Ltd. helps its customers with, however, with Click it is seamless.  Click works with CRM / Dynamics 365 in mind, and this is what sets it apart.


Features of Click Dimensions

The features of Click Dimensions are far-reaching.  As this is a Click Dimensions introduction, let’s start with the basics:

Email Marketing in Click Dimensions

Using Email Marketing techniques in Click is easy – there are 4 different editing environments.  For those marketers requiring to work with drag and drop “what you see is what you get” this is available, however, there are other opportunities for those marketers that have HTML skills to utilise those creating their templates.  There are out of the box templates available.

There are trackable links so that you can engage recipients and track what is of interest to them, or push them to more information.  Another great feature is A/B split testing.  This is really powerful to generate the best possible email for your marketing list.  There is social sharing and you can send single or group communications.

For many marketers ensuring that the email speaks to the recipient is key.  Inserting relevant information within the email is critical to generate rapport and demonstrate why you want to engage with that person.  Getting the recipient to “click” is a measurable result and takes great capture comments to generate that interest.  This is why marketers need a solution that will encompass that relationship building and relevance within their emails.  Within Click Dimensions there is easy personalization with dynamic content, an image gallery and you can send to a combination of leads, contacts and accounts.  Those working with Microsoft CRM will see clear benefits here.   Click also provides a useful heat map.

Another great feature in Click Dimensions is the campaign automation.  Using triggers and series marketers can automate campaigns from the outset without having to analyse data and pull out relevant records.  For example, as a marketer, you may send out a campaign inviting recipients to an event.  If they open the email but don’t reply you may want to send them an email reminding them of the event.  If they don’t open the email you may want to send them a different message.  If they register you would want to send them the message to say thanks and here’s what happens next.  Using triggers and series you will be able to set up marketing automation to enable your campaigns to go that next step ensuring the communications are relevant.

For more information see Click Dimensions on Email Marketing


Email Deliverability in Click Dimensions

The deliverability in Click contains all the functionality you would expect from a great email solution including vanity links, subscription management, spam scoring, sender authentication and reputation monitoring by return path.

Subscription management is comprehensive and manages several subscription lists and captures suppressions.


Lead Scoring in Dynamics 365 with Click

Click Dimensions offers lead and contact scoring including page view scoring, scoring visits as well as lead, contact and opportunity scoring.


Web tracking in Click Dimensions

Marketers often need to demonstrate marketing return on investment.  How much money is marketing generating?  Knowing who visited your website and being able to identify them and engage with them is a great advantage to marketers and enables them to work seamlessly with the sales team.  By capturing IP addresses of visitors to your website is useful, but when that person clicks on the link or receives an email and identifies themselves the data then becomes real – with a person attached to it.  There are IP tracking solutions for marketers out there and they can be obtained standalone (just providing IP tracking) or they can be part of a package giving you a one-stop solution for your digital marketing efforts.

Click Dimensions can be used to collect IP addresses and also correlate the data back as soon as that person becomes identifiable.  So, in essence, Click Dimensions captures the anonymous visitors and as soon as they click an email link or a website link that identifies them, then Click will update that information in your CRM records.   This is a great way for sales and marketing to link and provides real value, driving relationships and sales for your business.

Want to find out more about web tracking?  Check out Click Dimensions website.


Landing Pages

As a marketer myself, one of the functions I require is landing pages.  The opportunity to speak directly on a web page giving relevant information to that recipient really ensures that we capture the ‘click’ and gather information.  Click Dimensions enables the creation of landing pages and the ability to embed web forms and surveys into the landing pages.  This is a really great benefit for any digital marketers toolkit.


Surveys in Click

As well as Voice of the Customer as a function within Dynamics 365, Click Dimensions offers a survey suite.  Again, it uses drag and drop and has a great skip logic for questions and branching which I find really useful.  For example, if you send a survey and get low marks you may want to know why, so you can add in a relevant question if the recipient marks low.  Likewise, if a customer answers a question and the next question may not be relevant for them, you can use skip logic to move to the next question, again keeping the survey really relevant to your recipient.  Doing this should help to keep the recipient engaged to the end of the survey as it is relevant to them.


Click Dimensions and Social

The Click Dimensions team works hard to add new functionality and the social engagement functionality released this summer (June / July 2017) is tantamount to that.  As a marketer in 2017, we have so many different platforms and the data can sometimes be disparate.  Social engagement brings together the social element to Dynamics 365 and to your data using Click Dimensions.  From being able to post to your organisation’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google + accounts from Dynamics 365 means you are using one system and not moving across many platforms.  You can schedule posts and see the results of that communication directly from Dynamics and it also provides the opportunity for social listening.  Check out Click Dimensions for Social Discovery.


Click Dimensions Questions

What Versions of Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365 does Click Dimensions work with?

ClickDimensions Email Marketing is for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM 2016, 2013, 2011 online, on-premise and partner hosted.  Correct at time of writing November 2017.

How do I get Click Dimensions?

To receive your free demonstration of Click Dimensions please contact Caltech IT Limited.  We would love to put you in touch and share with you the Click Dimensions functionality.

Is Click Dimensions Training Available?

Yes!  There are comprehensive videos once you are subscribed that you can view.  Each is a step by step guide.  In order to maximise the power of Click Dimensions, you may require training of Dynamics 365 / CRM which helps to navigate the system successfully.

Another great resource is the Click Dimensions help site which is extremely comprehensive.


This blog was written by Catherine Carlyle, who is Click Dimensions Certified.

Click Dimensions introduction Certified

Next Steps

Contact us and we can organize a free demonstration of Click Dimensions.  Thanks for reading my Click Dimensions introduction.  If you have any comments or questions, please contact us.

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