CRM Consulting

CRM Consulting is what Caltech CRM specialises in, and has done since 1999.


Choosing to get consultants to help with your CRM implementation, development or support is a great way to optimise the time and money and get things moving quickly.


But why would you choose CRM consulting?


Where to start

Starting a CRM project can be daunting.  Do you take a full company approach or split it into phases.  What are the pain points?  What do you want CRM to achieve?

CRM consultants can really help you to get you off the starting block by giving you expert advice on your processes and look at your company assets.  Are you ready for CRM?


Getting off the blocks

Now you have addressed your pain points and you know what CRM needs to achieve for you.  You should know where the data is and have your processes mapped out.  Now is a great time to get the requirements nailed down.  We call this the CRM diagnostic.


A diagnostic meeting takes place to discuss high level requirements which are documented and agreed by the customer.  The diagnostic locks down the high level scope and delivers a fixed price for implementation including timescales.


This meeting captures the high level requirements and enables the scope of the project to be formerly defined. The diagnostic is fully documented and agreed.


This is critical for the success of any CRM project and this is where critical time can be saved during implementation.  We have seen organisations attempt CRM witout diagnostic at their peril.  Without diagnostic how can a project ever be completed?  How do you know a precise CRM solution has been delivered to your exact requirements?


Choosing CRM consulting to get the user requirements is a great way to ensure a successful project and this will definitely save you a lot of pain later.  These are the CRM foundations and without this documented, you shouldn’t leave the starting blocks!



How else can CRM consulting help?


CRM consultants are there to save you time and money.   Their knowledge of specific systems can save a CRM design disaster!  Understanding the structure and features of CRM solutions is critical.


Caltech CRM are experts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Each year our team take Microsoft Certified Professional qualifications to ensure that we truly know the solution. We are Microsoft partners and see releases and features prior to release.


Having this knowledge means that we can optimise the system and use the features Dynamics CRM already has to extend it to meet your specific needs.  We have audited sites where features have been developed and put the system in jeopardy in the future.  Use CRM consultants to use their knowledge.  This will definitely save you time and money – without a doubt.


So are you convinced about CRM consulting yet?


Microsoft CRM PartnerHere are a few more reasons of how CRM consultants can ensure a great solution every time.


We take our CRM projects in stages including:



The purpose of analysis is to investigate the low level detail of all project requirements to support the successful design and build of the desired CRM solution.



This is all about defining and documenting HOW these requirements will be implemented in CRM including preparation of the overall configuration design together with specific customisations to supplement Dynamics CRM’s “out-of-the-box” functionality. In addition, the Design Phase considers integrations.

Following these critical phases are development, deployment and operation.  Each stage is focused on delivering CRM to your exacting requirements.



And don’t worry if you have already started to configure CRM and it isn’t working for you; that could be a great time to consider CRM consulting.  After an audit and diagnostic, you will have a clear path forward with timescales and costs.  And CRM will work and it will deliver what you need it to.


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