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Creating Effective Customer Service – CRM Housing Associations

Our CRM solution for housing associations integrates with your existing systems which will help to give your organisation a full holistic view of tenants, property history and property commonalities.

Using our CRM solution for housing associations enables you to work towards gaining the Audit Commission’s Green Flag award.  One of our clients, a regeneration organisation in Yorkshire gained the Green Flag award as they achieved excellent customer service and could show history using our CRM solution.

The key features of our CRM for Housing Associations solution include:

  • Our solution is entirely housing focused.  We understand how housing associations work, what they need to do and manage, and the problems with property history and maintenance including shared areas, for example, in flats.
  • Caltech’s CRM solution for housing associations will ensure that cases are followed, tracked and closed to completion – nothing will fall between the cracks.
  • Our solution will help to keep both your tenants and suppliers safe.  Recording key information that is security curtained so that the right people have the right information, at the right time.
  • Our CRM for housing association solution aims to allow your teams to close calls with a potential first time resolution.
  • CRM for housing associations solution will ensure that your employees are able to provide a personal first class service to your residents – being knowledgeable and having key information available.  The system will also enable your staff to manage internal relationships being able to pass calls to the right person or being able to pass calls to other teams that may want to speak with that tenant.
  • Our CRM solution for housing associations gives visibility of your residents and the transactions that your teams have with them driving improved call management.
  • Our solution will allow automatic workflows increasing employee effectiveness.

Using our CRM Housing Associations means that we can shorten the implementation phase as our solution is designed specifically with your needs in mind.  This will substantially lower your costs  and ensure that you have a system that you and your end users love.

Though the system is prepared, and ready for Housing Associations to tweak to their own needs, the screen views are easily configured to the way you want to work.  Most importantly our CRM solution will ensure that your end users enjoy using the system and use it effectively.

Caltech CRM has been delivering CRM solutions to the public sector, profit making and none profit makings organisations for over 12 years, see our case studies and industry knowledge.  We use Prince 2 methods.  Our solution is so flexible that it will really benefit your organisation and your users to ensure that it has a positive impact from day one.

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