CRM for manufacturing businesses

CRM for manufacturing businesses will help B2B and B2C organisations to get ahead.  This post is all about why Manufacturing businesses need Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales Management


The right systems improve success factors, create efficiencies and help you to understand your customers better.  Today, manufacturing businesses are growing and have amassed data that needs to support sales, every step of the way.


Integrating IT solutions can be a key success factor, ensuring once an order is placed the order can be fulfilled.

CRM for Manufacturing and Engineering

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for manufacturing businesses will help to track prospects and customer contacts.


As your business grows CRM can help your sales efficiencies and provide critical information to help that sale, by using diaries, reminders and activities.  CRM drives efficiencies by capturing all information about customer relationships.  For example CRM will help you to cross sell and up sell.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM for sales management can follow complex sales journeys.  Tracking each stage will give powerful insights of your sales funnel so the teams can see what orders may be coming up and plan the manufacture ahead.


Some manufacturers will be selling B2C and others B2B.  Dynamics CRM can manage those sales processes for you.


For some manufacturing businesses the customer relationships can be complex.  For example you may be looking after a client that has a head office in the North of England and several subsidiaries that another regional representative covers.


You may have one key contact or several contacts for different products or services you offer.


CRM for manufacturing businesses is great for either B2B and B2C.


Whatever your need Dynamics CRM can help your manufacturing business to communicate internally and externally with confidence.


Sales forecasting is essential for planning, more so if you are a manufacturer, and CRM has easy view dashboards to save you time preparing your monthly sales report each month!


A properly installed CRM solution can create true value and ROI.  Manufacturing businesses today can’t afford to use a lead, forget to communicate or lose a valuable client.  A properly structured CRM solution can help to add value.


For CRM to work it must be implemented correctly.  If you are thinking about a new CRM solution then start by mapping out your sales process in detail.


What communication happens when?

What efficiencies would this process make?


Once you have one this clean your data!  Review who owns the data.  Is it is one system?  Who uses the data across the organisation?


Speak to your teams you work closely with.  Working hand in glove with marketing can be hugely beneficial.




How do you quote?  How is an order sent to the teams creating and sending out the orders?  How would they like to receive the orders from the sales team?


Making this a seamless handover will improve the manufacture and distribution.


To reap the benefit of CRM for manufacturing businesses sales you need to do this preparatory work, this will allow CRM consultants like Caltech to really understand what you are trying to achieve and deliver a precise CRM system to your specific needs.


By doing this your manufacturing business will be in great shape for forge ahead with all the information it needs in one place.


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