CRM Implementation Packages

As well as tailoring every Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 site we deliver, we also offer 3 different implementation packages to fit your needs.

CRM implementation packages consultancy



Up and Running CRM implementation

  • 2 days consultancy
  • Initial meeting
  • Field customizations
  • Training to cover how you build screens, carry out advanced finds and navigate the system
  • Sample data upload
  • Set up laptops
  • Basic CRM training

Extra available on request

  • Support
  • Bundled work packages

The second CRM Implementation Package is :

Mini Project CRM implementation
  • 5 days consultancy
  • Initial meeting
  • Field customisations

Depending on your needs the services may include:

  • Data import
  • Field creation
  • Advanced finds
  • Workflows
  • Training (bespoke to your needs)
  • Administrator training
  • Outlook client installation
  • Development

Extra available on request

  • Support
  • Bundled work packages

And the third CRM Implementation Package is :

Process CRM Implementation

  • Full Sure Step process CRM Implementation  (agile hybrid)
  • “Diagnostic Meeting” to agree the high level requirements.
  • “Analysis workshop”  Drilling down on fields and the granular detail of the site.
  • “Design phase” If any additional functionality is required.
  • “Development phase” What CRM needs to do that it can’t do out of the box if anything
  • “Deployment phase”  Deploying the new site and ensuring that staff are trained in the new system
  • “Operation phase” Go live
  • This plan includes data upload, integration and any other requirements.
  • Support following go live
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