CRM Implementation Resources Roundup

Check out our CRM implementation resources roundup here.  Empower your CRM implementation with resources from CRM Consultants, Caltech IT Ltd.


Over the years we have created several CRM Implementation resources to help organisations like yours to successfully implement Dynamics CRM (or Dynamics 365 as it’s now called) and realise tangible benefits.  Here at Caltech IT Limited (Caltech CRM as we are often referred) we have been offering CRM consultancy since 1999 and have seen what can be done to revolutionise your business and generate efficiencies using CRM software.


Our CRM implementation resources are written by our CRM consultants and will help to prepare you for getting CRM right.   CRM solutions are not “new” software.  They have been utilized by companies since the 1980s and have empowered, informed and over time become a central place for one truth.  Today in 2018, they integrate with other products like SharePoint, PowerBI reporting, financial systems like Sage or Financials from Microsoft to name just a few…  CRM solutions are now pivotal to provide organisations across several sectors to be compliant with regulations like GDPR, capturing consent and ensuring that data can be forgotten.  They are crucial to providing reporting and informing management decisions using real-time data, and with all the new functionality they now contain, they are a go-to product to dispel everyday business administration and operational problems…


And yet, according to analyst firms, still 50% of CRM implementations fail to achieve…


And that’s not new either.  This % failure has been reported for decades but why do CRM implementations continue to fail for some, and how can CRM consultants ensure that your CRM deployment is a success?


We have put together CRM implementation resources which should put you on the right track.  As CRM Consultants, Caltech IT Limited has developed a wealth of knowledge that we want to share with you.  There are no ties, and these resources are free of charge.  We want you to get CRM right and we want your business to reap the successes of what a well-designed and delivered CRM solution can achieve.


Download CRM implementation free resources

Please download our free resources to help you on your CRM journey.  We want you to succeed!


Dynamics 365 Implementation Kit – CRM implementation free resource

CRM implementation resources

If you are looking at Microsoft Dynamics 365 specifically, then this kit will help you.  If there is something you want to know that isn’t included in the kit, please email


Creating a CRM Business Case Implementing CRM

Creating a CRM Business Case Implementing CRM

Creating a business case for CRM will set you on the right path.  This free CRM implementation resource will put you on the right track from day 1.  Download your CRM Business Case Guide here.


Guide to Scoping a CRM implementation

Guide to Scoping a CRM implementation

Starting your CRM implementation strategy paper can be daunting.  Check out our free guide to help you to put your success factors in and identify risks of CRM implementation.

Get your free Guide to Scoping a CRM Implementation here.


CRM Implementation Case Studies

CRM Implementation Case Studies

Perhaps you are looking for some ideas of what a CRM Implementation can do for you?  Check out our 17 amazing customer experiences of Dynamics CRM here. Although Dynamics specific, these experiences can be applied to any CRM strategy so will be great to guide you whatever package.


Looking for some case studies of implementing CRM?  Our client testimonials demonstrate various industries where CRM has excelled.


Top 10 CRM implementation success factors

Top 10 CRM implementation success factors

Another great resource available on our website are the top 10 mistakes you don’t want to make when implementing CRM.  Check them out here.



Top Considerations for Implementing CRM

I wanted to also ensure that we have covered the top reasons that analysts report some CRM implementations fail on…  Here are my top considerations:


Know your data

Get to know your data inside and out.  Ensure it is clean before you implement CRM.  Put the time in to deduplicate it, and ensure that you have one true version.  Make sure the data you are keeping is necessary.


Well thought out data architecture

Think about your processes and your data up front and try to ensure that you can develop on this.  At Caltech, our CRM consultants work with our development manager and technical specialists to ensure that each site is architected and well thought out.  This can empower your data and ensure that the system is easy for users to use, easy to report and can be built on for the future.


Ensure you have a good CRM strategy in place

Why : because it’s not just software.  CRM is a way of working and is all about processes.  Map out your customer journey with all the touchpoints you have currently and that you want to have.  Quantify what will confirm your CRM implementation was a success?


Think BIG!

When you are implementing CRM don’t think about what you have now.  Think big!  Think “blue sky”.  What could you achieve?  What would make a difference to your staff, your customers, and your profit margins?  Where can you make efficiencies or create wow moments for your customers?


Get your CRM Scope agreed

We see this time and time again.  One of the biggest reasons that CRM implementations fail is due to scope.  You must agree on the scope from the outset.  Caltech IT Limited do this using a CRM diagnostic.  We use MoSCoW methodology together with SureStep to implement CRM, and we ensure that you can see exactly what will be delivered now, delivered in phase II, or not be delivered at all.


Get your users involved

Why : because they are part of the CRM strategy.  They will make it happen.  A fantastic CRM solution without engaged users will fail.  If the users get behind the product, are trained and are involved they will ensure it succeeds.  They will ensure that there is one truth across your business by using CRM.   If it makes their working lives easier they will want to use it.


If you have any CRM implementation questions that are not answered in this blog post, please contact  We hope you find our free CRM implementation resources useful and we hope to hear from you soon.


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