Do you need help for Dynamics 365?

Do you need help for Dynamics 365?  if so take a look – our free site audit gives you a chance to review what we could do for you.

We have been working with Dynamics 365 since 2010 and with CRM solutions since 1999 and we love to work with businesses to help with Dynamics 365!

Over the years we think we have seen a lot with Microsoft CRM.   A lot of implementations of Dynamics 365 and CRM.  A lot of customers that love Dynamics 365, and for some frustration; perhaps Microsoft Dynamics 365 isn’t working for them.  It could be errors in Dynamics 365, perhaps the system wasn’t set up correctly.  Maybe it was implemented in the best way for the functionality that was available at that time, but perhaps the forms are old and the code needs to be replaced and simplified.  Processes change, things change and sometimes it breaks…

We have worked with businesses across several industries and of various sizes, and our sole focus as a CRM business is to help businesses get the most from Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365.   It’s all we do.


During December 2018 we are offering 15 free site reviews of Dynamics 365 to give businesses across the UK help for Dynamics 365.  It doesn’t matter if your site is on-premise or Online (first come first served).  The free site review will be an hour of your time for you to demonstrate your system to us.  We will then offer solutions and recommendations to how you can get your Dynamics 365 on track for 2019.  Get rid of those error messages, streamline the system and make CRM work harder for you.


And all of this is at no obligation.  Is your Dynamics 365 not working?  Does your Dynamics CRM no longer meet your processes?  Do you feel you could work more efficiently with the software?

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Dynamics 365 Licensing review

In October 2016 Microsoft altered the licensing structure for what was then, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Since then we have seen a lot of changes with the Dynamics 365 licensing structure.  We offer Online licensing and can review to ensure you are paying the best price possible.  If you want us to review your licensing, we can do this at the same time as the site review.  We have saved businesses money – could you also save?

If you purchase licenses directly with Microsoft you don’t need to move them to work with Caltech.

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Dynamics 365 Support

Looking for dedicated Dynamics 365 support?  Caltech can help to keep your users moving, minimize downtime and increase your expertise of using Dynamics 365 with phone help and regular engagement calls.

If you want to find out more about what how we competitively support our clients, contact us.



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15 free Dynamics 365 site reviews for December 2018. First come first served.  The site review will be remote and Caltech I.T. Limited is happy to sign NDAs if applicable.  The site recommendations will be delivered back to you after 1 week and there is no obligation. 

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