We appreciate that it’s not always easy to define exactly what you want from your CRM solution. Indeed, when we ask clients what they want their system to do, their response is more often than not: ‘what can it do?’

Fortunately, our expert team has delivered CRM solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes for two decades now, so we’re well versed at helping customers to define their needs and implement a future-proofed system that helps them grow.

Now we have put together a new Guide to Getting Started with CRM which explains everything you need to think about when you’re at the start of your journey.

Here, we cover:

  • What is CRM and what should it do for your business?
    We take a look at the benefits that a good CRM solution should deliver.
  • How to define your CRM needs.
    A system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 is hugely capable. Unless you’re a particularly large business, you probably won’t need to use every single one of its capabilities. We help you define what you need from your CRM solution so that you get business benefit, not overawed by technology for technology’s sake.
  • Costing your CRM project.
    Cost-effectiveness is the most important aspect when developing your CRM business case. Here we outline the various factors which influence cost to help you get the right solution at a price that makes sense to your business.
  • Choosing your CRM partner.
    Your CRM partner – hopefully Caltech CRM – should be a business you can work with for the long-term. Here, we explore what you should think about when hiring a CRM partner.


We hope this guide is helpful to you. If you would like further information about any aspect of CRM, or would like to arrange an appointment with a member of our specialist team, please get in touch.

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