The option to purchase a Dynamics 365 CE Plan has been available since October 2016 and was a more affordable way to access all Dynamics 365 entities and additional applications.

From 1st October 2019 Microsoft has announced it will be moving away from a plan model and the Dynamics 365 CE plans are closing.

The plans will be removed from all lists and from volume licensing including not for profit, education and government.

If you are using a Dynamics 365 CE Plan you will need to evaluate the entities you require and move to a base license and if you need any, an attach license.

Base Licenses in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE
A base license will be the 1st application which will be purchased and the standard price. The base license will be the highest priced application required.

Attach Licenses in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE
Attach licenses will be purchased to add functionality to a user for other applications they may need and will be available at a lower than base license price.

Which Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications are available as an attach license?

It’s important to note that not all Dynamics applications are available as an attach license. The following applications won’t be available as an attach:

  • Project Service Automation
  • Marketing
  • Talent
  • Customer Insights
  • Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution
  • Sales Insights
  • Marketing Additional Application
  • Customer Service Chat
  • Resource Scheduling Optimisation
  • Comprehensive hiring
  • Order Lines
  • Forms Pro
  • All Capacity Add Ons

Please note that Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and Unified Operations can be purchased together as a mix. The Unified Operations which has functionality for finance and operation systems would be the base license and the attach license in this scenario will be Dynamics 365 CE.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Application License Changes
The marketing application is an organisation based license so the attach license isn’t applicable.

How will removal of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE Plans affect Existing Dynamics 365 or CRM Customers?
The removal of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE Plans will affect existing plan users on agreement date. At this time each user will need a base license assigned, and any attach licenses as necessary.

To align the users to the correct licensing the following steps can be taken:

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Customers : contact the MS Field Sales Team who will provide reports to help support the transition to base and any necessary attach licenses. For Caltech customers your account manager will be in contact a few months prior to the transition to help you with these steps.
Unified Operations Customers : the visibility of a dashboard in Unified Operations provides the percentage of assigned users requirements.

Please see an initial outline that we have taken from the official Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Unified Operations and Dynamics 365 Plan Packaging Change FAQs July 2019. UK Prices have not yet been released but do contact Caltech and we can confirm prices as soon as possible.

Customer Engagement Base and Attach Licenses

customer engagement base and attach licenses

Unified Operations and Customer Engagement Base and Attach Licenses  

Unified operations and customer engagement base and attach licenses

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