Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Customer Service

The Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition customer service application enables customer and business collaboration using self-service, peer to peer service and assisted service.  So, what does each of these terms mean and how can Dynamics 365 for customer service ensure that you are offering a world class customer experience?  Customer Service in Dynamics 365, users have the ability to raise all types of cases such as incidents, service requests or open tickets.  This is all dependent upon your business and your terminology that you use.


Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Customer Service Functionality

  • Create cases
  • Edit and resolve cases
  • Active case queue management
  • Choice of the channel to raise a customer case (incident, ticket or service request).
  • Service Level Agreement measurement (SLA)
  • Priority differentiation of cases
  • Customer support level management
  • Social, web chat, mobile and Email Case management
  • Merge or group related cases to avoid duplication of effort
  • Enables customer service teams to know what the next steps are for each customer case
  • Assign customer service cases
  • Track customer interaction
  • Knowledge base articles
  • Agent scripts
  • Self-service case management
  • Case management reporting including service levels, abandonment rate, average call handle time, average after work calls, customer satisfaction and first-time call resolution.
  • Track emails, phone calls, appointments or tasks to a customer case
  • Removes duplication of cases
  • Guided processes for your customer service teams to follow
  • 360-degree view of customer data
  • Voice of the customer – powerful social care
  • Staffing levels
  • Unified Service Desk for Dynamics 365 (a central interface enabling communication across channels).

Microsoft has released some great functionality for the Customer Service Dynamics 365 EE application.  This Microsoft video demonstrates how the knowledge base and portal can work well for self-service and seamlessly raising a support ticket.  **Please note that each feature requires appropriate licensing.


Microsoft Social Engagement Dynamics 365 EE Online

The Microsoft Social Engagement product demonstrates sentiment and analysis of social media data and is a great solution for those working in sales, marketing and customer service.  The social engagement features are included in Enterprise Edition Online Dynamics 365 for Sales application, Customer Service application, Field Service and Project Service.

Find out more about Social Engagement in our earlier blog post.


Unified Service Desk Dynamics 365 EE Online

The challenges in contact centres today means that they need systems that work together and offer a 360-degree view of customers to ensure world class customer service.   This will reduce errors in case management and offers one true view of a customer, enabling your teams to work together in unison to drive cases to resolution.  Call centres today work across many different channels such as chat, web, social media, SMS or the phone, and the Unified Service Desk (USD) is there to bring these channels together in one system that is usable and powerful.


The USD provides an overview of the customer and also details call scripts if you want to use them as well as bringing in knowledge base articles so you can extend those to the customers and use internally to get the case closed quickly.


The Unified Service Desk (USD) rights are included with Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Online for sales and for Customer Service applications.  The USD isn’t available as a standalone product and is downloaded locally.


Interactive Service Hub Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Online

The interactive service hub consolidates customer interactions and all related information that can help resolve or support that case.  This includes dashboards and gives a great online experience.  Find out more by viewing this comprehensive Microsoft Interactive Service Hub in Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition video.

The interactive service hub is available for team members and higher licenses within Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Customer Service application.


Voice of the Customer Dynamics 365 EE Online

The Voice of the Customer (VoC) feature in Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition gives the functionality to create survey responses during the valuable interactions you have with your customers, at those times when it matters.  Our previous update gives great information about how you can use VoC in your customer service efforts.  Check out our earlier blog where we give great tips and Voice of the Customer best practise in Dynamics 365.


Voice of the customer is licensed within Enterprise Edition Online Dynamics 365 for Customer Service application, Sales, Field Service, Project Service or within a Plan.


Field Service Application Dynamics 365 EE Online

Another application available from Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition is the Field Service which delivers scheduling, stock tracking and asset management for service teams and customer service in the field.  It supports time allocation, organising resources including location, customer preference or type.


  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Communication and updates
  • Communication with those on the road
  • Asset management
  • Capture pictures and signatures on the road
  • Timekeeping and payroll
  • Billing
  • Inventory management and purchasing


Using Field Service in Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition enables you to improve your first-time fix rate, accurately predict arrival times, optimise the travelling time of your field staff, and remove the need for paper.  Check out the link below to see Field Service capabilities at Microsoft.

Field Service application is available from Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition.



The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Online includes one portal with Plan 1 Business Application Subscription.  Additional portals can be purchased separately.

See the Microsoft video below of how portals can be used for Customer Service.  This is the customer service portal.  Portals can be used for many things like giving your customers an area to log into, offering information for your customers to self-serve.  Combine with BLOB storage for document storage and this will give fantastic digital documentation.


Project Service Automation Application for Dynamics 365 EE Online

The project service automation application in Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition enables you to:

  • Quote and contract work
  • Plan and assign resources
  • Project Planning
  • Capture time and expenses
  • Project organization
  • Engagement with customers

 We hope you enjoyed our update.

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Licensing Plans in Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition 

The Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Customer Service application is available as a separate application or it can be purchased within a plan.


Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Customer Service application in plan 1



Customer Service application in Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Plan


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