Placing CRM technology at the heart of your organisation can help you win more profitable customers whilst serving existing customers better. Working with Caltech’s CRM specialists, we can help you derive maximum business benefit from your investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • acquire profitable customers
  • retain and maximise existing customers
  • gain efficiencies by improving operational performance through CRM strategy.

Acquire profitable customers

Marketing professionals are finding ways of generating new revenue opportunities and are leveraging technology to target and engage new audiences.

Using CRM, marketers are able to bring together pockets of information to support decision-making and target marketing campaigns more effectively.

One-size-fits all marketing is a recipe for disaster, customers now expect tailored communication. Using a sophisticated CRM solution like Dynamics 365 CRM for Customer Engagement, marketers can monitor and adjust their messages ensuring they are getting better results.

Using factual real-time reporting is essential for marketers to track lead generation from each marketing activity. This will help identify the most effective activities. All interactions count – which means that marketers can work hand-in-glove with sales and service.

Having a single information source ensures that marketers are able to understand each prospect and customer. To this end, our CRM specialists can ensure your system acts as your sales force’s compass, enabling them to know which direction to go and when the prospect is ready to engage.

Retain and Maximise Existing Customers

Retaining customers is significantly less expensive than acquiring new ones. An effective CRM strategy will help to build customer loyalty, increase spend and longevity, turning your customers into loyal fans

Our CRM specialists can help you plan your CRM strategy to:

  • Build detailed customer profiles (by transaction and purchase).
  • Capture key detail to help you cross-sell, up-sell, and deliver exceptional customer experience.
  • Bring marketing and sales together to manage new business more effectively.
  • Improve reporting – knowledge is the key to fantastic customer service.
  • Improve service whilst reducing costs – use automation and single data entry.
  • Review your data strategy – data is the lifeblood of your organisation.

Gain Efficiencies

Utilise CRM to do more for less by reviewing your processes to ensure that they are supporting your organisation’s goals.

All businesses operate within process parameters built around every function of the organisation, but often these are repetitive tasks.

Reviewing processes to understand which series of events were or were not successful is a critical factor to effective CRM.

Streamlining processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is where exciting results can be achieved. Here at Caltech, we have significant experience across lots of industries in ensuring clients get the most from their investment in CRM.

A simpler approach

IT solutions are complex by their nature and as your organisation grows you may find there are several disparate solutions that are critical to success.

Quite often, there may be discrepancies and conflicts within the data. Having one unified CRM system ensures that information is in once place. This makes it easier for the teams to make informed decisions, reducing wasted time and effort in sourcing accurate information.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be integrated with various solutions or databases you already have. In fact, integration is an area in which we have particular expertise.

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