Get the Most from Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial

Get the Most from Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial

Trialling any CRM solution can be a difficult and confusing process.  Where do you start?  How do you evaluate it against your needs?  How do you get help when you need it?

It’s an important decision.  Choose the wrong CRM solution and it may not meet the needs of your organisation.  It may not have longevity.  The users may not engage if they don’t like the solution.  Choosing the wrong CRM system will cost you time and money.

Choosing the right CRM solution that is tailored to your needs, starting out with solid foundations, will revolutionise your organisation and generate competitive advantage.

With any new system reviewing takes time and strategy.  Knowing your requirements and what you want out of the solution is key.


Getting Started with a Microsoft CRM Trial

When you first receive your Microsoft CRM trial you will notice that there are helpful friendly welcomes and videos on each entity (sections) of the solution.  Do watch these bite-sized videos they contain a wealth of information.

You will also be pleasantly surprised by the familiar look and feel.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the same look and feel as Microsoft Office – most users will be comfortable using these products so they won’t have a huge learning curve when faced with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Do involve your colleagues and get them involved.  They will each be able to trial the solution for their own needs.

We recommend you do connect Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM is tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook.  When integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an extension of Microsoft Outlook – it’s just more folders.  This really does help with the usability and getting everyone subscribed to CRM.

Follow a logical path thinking about the pains of your organisations and how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can address them.

Import some of your data – make it real.

Assign records.

Use the dash-boarding and reporting functions.

An important function within Microsoft Dynamics CRM are advanced finds.  Use these to segment your data and learn more about views – they are powerful and a users’ success factor.

Personalise Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Trial Environment – Online or Hosted

You may have signed up for a trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or you may want a trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosted.  If you have already received an Online trial why not download our ebook, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial Help. If you did want a hosted CRM Trial contact and Caltech CRM will set up a free trial for you.

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