Has your CRM delivered in 2012?

Has your CRM solution been instrumental this year?  Has it generated sales, never lost a lead, never let you down?  Never let your organisation down?  Have you been joined up, clear and profitable?


If not, why not?!


The 3 biggest reasons that CRM solutions don’t work are due to:

  • Underlying data issues
  • Structure of CRM not matched to your processes
  • Lack of commitment and focus

Caltech IT Limited ensures that your CRM solution works the way that you do, taking time to understand your business.
Our CRM toolkit includes

Project team management, both within Caltech and within your organisation

SureStep – you either SureStep it or you don’t!   We can make it work for you.

Process Reviews – slicker, quicker and automated

CRM focus – we help you to think about the key achievements from CRM and ensure that they are delivered

User adoption techniques – there is no point in having a new system nobody uses…


Approaching CRM as a technology is often a mistake.  It’s not a software solution that plugs and plays, there is no silver bullet – that’s the bad news.


The good news is that with clarity, focus and commitment it can revolutionise your organisation.   It may seem like a tall order, but all this is far from impossible.  By giving your CRM project structure and goals you will reap the benefits.


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