What’s new in Microsoft CRM 2013?

Dynamics Marketing, Social Listening and Parature

Have you seen what’s new in Microsoft CRM 2013?

Following the successful upgrade from Microsoft CRM 2011 to Microsoft CRM 2013, Microsoft has not rested on its laurels, as it launches Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, Microsoft Social Listening and personalised customer care web portals this spring (2014).


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Microsoft acquired Marketing Pilot during 2013 and in the spring 2014 is now releasing “Microsoft Dynamics Marketing,” which was formerly Marketing Pilot.  This solution will add marketing automation to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 giving critical sales and marketing information such as lead scoring capabilities.

More and more marketers are finding they need to prove the value of their marketing efforts, and this solution will really support those marketers demonstrate ROI and cost per lead.

We blogged about the marketing pilot capabilities last year, see the information here.

Microsoft Social Listening

Microsoft believes that everyone in an organisation should be socially listening and that’s why it will offer Microsoft Social Listening (MSL) included in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online professional licenses – at no extra charge.

MSL has been positioned by Microsoft as allowing the tracking of product, brand, competitors and marketing campaigns.

Please note that only Online professional licenses will get this functionality included; if you have an on premise CRM site then there is an additional cost for MSL.

Personalised Customer Care – a new Unified Service Desk

I was fortunate enough to see Parature in 2013.  Parature was acquired on 31st January 2014 by Microsoft.  Parature in a nutshell really extends that knowledge base / articles, and provides answers the way the user wants to receive them.  Impressive stuff.  I’m looking forward to further update from Microsoft about this and of course will blog about them!


In the meantime, and if you wanted more information, see the Microsoft press release, and roll on Spring 2014!  We can’t wait to see more.


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