Customer expectations are higher than they have ever been before.  Whether you’re serving consumers or other businesses, your target audience is highly likely to be well-informed, discerning and used to getting what they want, when they want it.

There are several new trends emerging which are likely to impact the way in which you do business.

Experience over price

Price is a difficult factor to compete on, especially if you’re up against major retailers like Amazon.  As a result, many organisations are looking for new ways to add value for customers to help create a point of difference and more ‘reasons to choose them over the competition.  A unique customer experience where the customer feels highly valued is now even more important.

Social responsibility

People are making purchase decisions in favour of companies with a strong corporate social responsibility slant.  They’re more interested than ever on their environmental footprint and want to see fairness throughout the supply chain.

Products you can’t see

Demand for physical products which people can see, and touch will never go away but there is increasing expectation for alternative methods to buy the goods and services we need.  That’s why there’s an upward trend for subscriptions, on-demand services, products which can be shared rather than owned as well as non-physical subscriptions to platforms, infrastructure and software.

Dealing direct

The increasing demand for online sales and service has meant that consumers and the makers of goods and services can now collaborate directly without the need for a third party such as an extensive retail network.  The car industry is leading the way with consumers being able to specify their vehicle online without having to visit a dealership.

Responding to changing needs

It can be difficult to keep up with changing needs, let alone prepare in advance.  That’s where technology comes to the fore.  With a strong CRM solution, you are better placed to:
  • Analyse what’s happening within your organisation and make better decisions.
  • Deliver better customer service and more tailored user experiences.
  • Achieve business process efficiencies which benefit your teams and your customers.
  • Improve sales and marketing outcomes, ensuring both deliver the value you need.
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