CRM for Education

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Education Streamlines Administration and Enhances Marketing and Facilities

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for education and higher education, provides a centralised location for all information, reducing wasted time and effort, facilitating a slick and more profitable organisation.

To attract students higher education settings must offer its students excellent levels of service, facilities and be very efficient. Meeting these requirements with increasingly smaller budgets, testing standards and a high level of reporting is quite a feat.

In addition education settings must attract funding and show the best use of these funds.

Why CRM for the Education Industry?

Education settings are required to perform with the same effectiveness of profit making businesses. With ever evolving curriculum requirements, increased student numbers and meeting evolving government targets.

Information management is pivotal to drive these efficiencies. This is where CRM takes centre stage – achieving more for less. Tailored CRM systems provide a great resource for educational settings.

Caltech CRM has developed solutions based specifically for the schools, colleges and universities. Caltech CRM has a wealth of experience of what CRM users in educational settings would like to achieve using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.



  • Features

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for education is a powerful CRM solution that helps your staff to manage day to day activities.

Targeted correspondence and information – enhances communications and increases awareness of your events or activities

Donor communication – for education settings that are also not for profit see who your top donors are and drill down through deep communications

Student recruitment – track marketing campaigns and the most successful campaigns with effective follow ups

Student management – managing student records that can manage attendance, what they study, other activities that they have participated in and more

Facilities management – manage catering, transportation and suppliers

Administration management – have one joined up system across many departments or sites

Microsoft Dynamics CRM will improve efficiency and get the most from the schools performance.

To find out more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your school, college or university or to book a demonstration of the bespoke system, please contact or call us on 01924 507 280.

We work with clients from a large range of sectors to help them generate return on investment using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.