CRM for the NHS

Microsoft CRM for NHS Foundation Trusts and Private Healthcare Providers, An Essential Way to Communicate With Key Stakeholders, Members and GP’s.

CRM for the NHS Generates Targeted Communications that Save Time and Money whist Raising your Services Profile.

The health sector requires ICT solutions that can aid efficiency whilst improving patient care, save money and generate business.

What does CRM do?

Members’ data being put into CRM for the NHS will have a choice of activities and you can give information in a targeted way about what they want. And importantly, in the way they want it. So if the member says they would like information about drug services for example and they want information by phone only, you are able to send them information they are interested in, in the method they prefer.

Reporting is easy using Microsoft CRM for the NHS.  Any reporting requirements can easily be done within an advanced find or quick search. There are dashboards, graphs that are fed from the data in your CRM solution. With the reporting all there within a click of a button, preparing for reporting meetings and statutory requirements couldn’t be easier.

Communicating with stakeholders for NHS trusts and Private Healthcare Providers is a major component. Using advanced finds you will be able to target information to GP’s, charities or associations that you work with.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the NHS and other health organisations is all about communicating better; saving money and saving time. This allows you to be more focused on your members, stakeholders and services.

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Caltech CRM is one of the UK’s leading providers of Microsoft CRM. As silver partners we have developers, configurators and project managers, processes and procedures to make sure CRM works efficiently for you. With clients in the Health sector we can help you succeed using Microsoft CRM.

  • Marketing
  • Managing Tenders

An easier and faster way to monitor and improve patient experiences with Microsoft dynamics CRM.

Planning is easy in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It’s easy to manage events through activities. If there are several people managing one event it’s easy to communicate and reduce the need for meetings. Tasks can be clearly done and tracked. Information shared easily. The event manager and CRM can take the delegates bookings as well as track a list for people if the event is oversubscribed..

This will allow you more time to spend on the content of the event.

.Using direct marketing tools and Microsoft CRM you will also be able to monitor patient experience using surveys or by logging information you have within CRM. Monitoring this and reporting on patient experience is easy and fast using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

.Finally Microsoft Dynamics CRM is familiar. It is an extension of Microsoft Outlook. This means users will find it easy to use. There is no need to log onto disparate systems. Its all in Microsoft Outlook.

.Emailing information instead of posting will really save money and time. No more design, print and post. Email can be done professionally in software and sent straight from Microsoft CRM. No more budgets eaten up each time there is a mail shot. Postage costs are no longer necessary. And the campaign can be sent quickly to the people who want that information.

.This targeting will help membership improve as they will know that you only send them information that they are interested in. The members will also trust you and give more information – maybe tell their friends or acquaintances about the experience so they too give information to be a member.

Use CRM for the NHS to be more competitive and win tenders

Many NHS organisations now need to be competitive to really reap the value of their services and provide opportunities in their communities.

Using CRM will help to track contracts, when they are due for renewal, key information about that contract including competitors and contacts..

Using CRM will provide your NHS tender team with a full view of the tender response and all the business requirements to help you win that tender.