Is CRM just another thing to do?!

So is CRM just another thing to do?  Here are the Frequently asked questions:

Q : How would you sell CRm to a sceptical workforce?  They see it as just another thing to do!

A : Find out what are their concerns?  Why are they sceptical?

Remind everyone that every piece of work starts with data…  Without the data sales cannot sell, marketers cannot market and customer service teams would be disjointed.

When choosing a system, choose something that is simple for users.  Take away onerous tasks that can be automated by CRM.

Remind users why the organisation chose to put CRM into your organisation in the first place.  Review these goals are you achieving them?  Is it saving users time, confusion etc…

CRM will take away the pain of work and shouldn’t add to it.  CRM supports your processes that you have decided to run, it shouldn’t deviate and make more work for the users.

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