Make your Customers Happy in 5 Easy Steps with CRM

Retaining a client is far more cost effective and easier than gaining a new customer.  With these 5 easy steps you will be able to use your CRM system to get more for less, make your customers happy, and stand out from the crowd.

  1. Your client is king…  Always put them first.  Do you know who your best clients are?  Using CRM you can analyse this data and can capture your customers preferences, how many times they have ordered, when they order are there trends.
  2. Keep your client data clean…  Ensure that as your client evolves that your CRM data is correct.  Changes in contact details, order changes and payment preferences are essential.  The customer wants to tell you once, and the want the changes to be retained.
  3. Communicating positively…  will help your clients say with you, remain with you and refer you.  Give tips, help and advice – its not all about selling.  Manage your communications using templates in CRM that are based on your organisations brand values.
  4. How do you stand out from the other suppliers?…  They need to like you, trust you and value you and your services.  Use your data to stay in touch with the clients every 30 days.  CRM will ensure you carry out this task and will also demonstrate how effective this is.
  5. Marketing… the right communication and product.  Talk to them about what can enhance their lives, what they are interested in and use CRM to manage these marketing preferences.  They will be more likely to read your marketing emails if they know they will be helpful and relevant.

So make that difference in 2011, Make your Customers Happy and make sure your CRM solution is working hard for you saving you time and effort, but giving you excellent results.

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