Microsoft CRM 2011

Supporting the goals of how organisations work today with Microsoft CRM 2011.

Microsoft CRM 2011 Online was released as beta in October 2010, and has been available for purchase since February 2011.

Since its launch there have been several software rollups as well as updates such as Polaris.

Microsoft CRM 2011 has been developed for ease of use and flexibility, building on the successes of Microsoft’s earlier version Microsoft Dynamics CRM v. 4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has over 1.4 million users worldwide, over 23,000 customers, is multilingual, is available in over 40 different languages and offers new features, enhancements and developments encouraging end user likeability and less mouse clicks.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online is a full cloud based CRM solution from Microsoft, held on an infrastructure that has been developed and is maintained by Microsoft.  Licenses are rented, paid on a monthly basis.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Hosted is again a cloud based CRM solution, held on a secure infrastructure. Caltech are spla providers which means we offer licenses of Microsoft Dynamics CRM which are rented and paid for every month, using Caltech’s competitive, reliable hosting option.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a best of breed Customer Relationship Management suite enabling the streamlining of processes through a familiar user friendly interface – Outlook.

Microsoft CRM 2011 Online offers improved quality of service with a 99.9% service level agreement, its flexible and user numbers can be fluctuated up or down dependant on your requirements. The investment is easier to manage with predictable expenses that you can budget and manage.

CRM 2011 also boasts on-going application maintenance. The software has been developed to help your organisation reduce administration time, acquire and retain clients. It can track activities, emails, work lists and revenue. Many activities are able to be automated using Microsoft CRM workflows such as scheduling and tracking activities, management of targeted marketing lists, automated responders and more.

Dynamics CRM 2011 delivers an exciting array of enhancements including even tighter integration with the Microsoft Outlook client and data reporting. Microsoft CRM has numerous benefits including; A high return of investment flexible technology use (xRM) extended technology and point and click.

Microsoft CRM 2011 or XRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can also sometimes referred to as Microsoft xRM – extended or “anything” relationship management. This is achieved by customising screens, views and workflows built for specific businesses / organisations.

Many organisations are now using this software in this extended way that manages far more than customers – giving many organisations the power of managing key processes without writing costly bespoke software. Caltech CRM understands that each industry has its own pressures and challenges, that is why we have developed vertical solutions and work to strict project management principles.

Top Reasons to Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011:

  • Users love its ease of use. Its feels familiar and can be used through either Outlook or as a web client. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is developed with ease of use at the forefront – without end user adoption, any CRM system will fail.
  • It is role tailored and has personalisation features. CRM for sales covers goal management, sales pipeline management, quoting and opportunity reporting. CRM for marketing offers customer segmentation analysis, marketing lists and performance of campaigns. CRM for service drills down on support cases, service level agreement tracking and reporting and contract management. These are just a few examples of how the software can be used effectively.
  • It is flexible. It will work to your organisation’s needs and processes – it is tailor-able so it will manage what you need it to. It will manage many types of clients, students, suppliers, or whatever you need to manage.
  • It’s affordable – Despite its fantastic functionality, its one of the most affordable CRM solutions available with competitive pricing available for cloud based and on premise deployments. It increases the overall efficiency of business processes in many ways from planning sales activities to streamlining opportunities as well as providing business intelligence of multiple currencies.
  • It is developed on a service oriented architecture (SOA) which means that it will easily integrate with existing systems. This also makes it very flexible so that it will work specifically as you do and you work with your processes which the system will support.
  • It is reliable – a trusted solution that will continue to be developed to the future and grow with your organisation.
  • Dashboards and Reporting – Clear and easy to set up configurable graphs to enable users to understand what is happening in their business area.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has modules for sales, marketing, and customer service, delivering a fast, flexible and affordable solution that drives consistent, measurable improvements in every business process, enables closer relationships with customers, and helps your company achieve new levels of profitability.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables employees to aid sales, satisfaction and service with a system that looks familiar to Microsoft users, is easy to customize and maintain. It retains customers and generates revenues, increases operational effectiveness, eliminates unnecessary marketing spend and increases employee productivity.

Integration and Microsoft CRM

Microsoft CRM’s benefits can be further extended by integrating with other applications and business processes, integration with bespoke applications, websites, accounting packages, ERP solutions and so on.

Highlights :

  • Highly customizable CRM application
  • Code online – in the cloud (hosted or online)
  • Dashboards which can be role tailored and fully relevant to the users needs
  • Easy to use – it works like and with everyday programs, such as Microsoft Office making it easily adopted by users. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 offers enhanced familiarity, this lastest version of Microsoft CRM feels even more like the users are using Outlook
  • Reporting enables sharing between users in a variety of formats, including Excel, HTML, PDF, XLM and CSV
  • Dynamics delivers all the information you need because its easy to configure, integrates easily with existing systems
  • Dynamics is designed for flexible trouble-free deployment by Caltech
  • SharePoint Integration is out of the box

Dynamics is a proven success and delivers great results for thousands of companies worldwide. Caltech are Silver Customer Relationship Management Microsoft Partners, offering a high level of expertise and understanding of Microsoft CRM specifically.

Working with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Caltech ensures precise and controlled implementations of CRM.

Reporting and Microsoft CRM

Using the data available in CRM allows organisations to find more innovative ways of shaping their businesses to be more competitive, find the things that are working and focus on what will take the organisation forward in the most profitable way.

Microsoft CRM and the future

Microsoft is committed to developing, supporting and continuing to enhance Microsoft Dynamics CRM for many years to come. There is a Microsoft roadmap which sets the plans for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the long term with key points to keep providing maximum user productivity, business insight, flexibility and scalable solution.

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