Microsoft CRM best practises

Its all about your strategy and processes – then the software…  here are our top Microsoft CRM best practises tips

With a well defined strategy that aligns people, businesses processes and technology CRM can flourish.  Achieving success from CRM starts with excellent, clear planning.  There is no silver bullet.  Its well known that the cost of achieving new customers is six times more than retaining existing clients.  More and more investment in lead management means that less organisations are seeing the potential of the customer base and once customers leave – they put the focus into getting new ones…

CRM can aid to retain customers and stop them moving away from your organisation or solution by having a clear strategy that Microsoft CRM can support.

Implementing CRM should be done with thought, care and following a well defined strategy and process that is unique and crucial to your organisation.

Microsoft CRM works the way that you do so  it is part of Outlook and has a simple user adoption that in turn will generate insightful information and lower training costs of the system.

It works the way your organisation does so Microsoft CRM realises that no two customers are alike, and that there is no such thing as an off the shelf crm system.

Microsoft CRM Sales:

helps salespeople manage leads and opportunities, measure and forecast sales activity and track customer communications.  Using Microsoft CRM sales will help to improve customer retention and also improve closed sales.

Microsoft CRM for customer service

helps your organisation handle questins without increasing service headcount; and it will help service employees have the full picture, understand their client and be empowered to make the right decisions.

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