Microsoft CRM Online 2013 Licensing

Microsoft CRM Online 2013 Licensing


Microsoft are introducing a new tiered license plan – due out around October 2013.  These Microsoft CRM Online 2013 licenses will be available for both Online and On-Premise Microsoft CRM solutions.


Organisations will have the option to invest in 3 different types of license dependent on the users’ individual needs, saving wasted functionality and a more affordable licensing model.  Each Microsoft CRM Online 2013 license is purchased on a per user per month basis.


The pricing has only been released for US$ to date (29.8.13), however we have converted to UK sterling to give a ball park price.


Microsoft CRM Online 2013 professional licenseAre unlimited.  They have full sales, service and marketing capability and includes access to custom applications.  Professional Microsoft CRM licenses are due to be priced around £40 to £50 per user per month.


Microsoft CRM 2013 Basic LicenseThis license type is designed for lighter users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.  The basic license will include reporting and custom applications as well as fundamental CRM usage.  The license price is around £20 to £25 per user per month.


Microsoft CRM 2013 Essential LicenseThe Microsoft Dynamics CRM Essential License is designed for users who need only very light CRM access.  This license is due to be priced at around £10 per user per month.




The full detail of what functionality will be included in each license is not yet available but as soon as it is, we will refresh this page.


Each company instance (subscription) with 25 professional users +, includes a production instance and a non-production instance.


Another great new feature with Microsoft CRM 2013 is that each license will be available via desktop or mobile devices, such as android, iPad and HTCs.


Date of writing 29.08.13

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