Microsoft CRM Online Security

Client Security – moving to cloud CRM.  Microsoft CRM Online Security is always something that should be at the forefront when thinking of moving into the Online space

Online privacy is always an important issue for businesses and consumers like.  CRM solutions in the cloud are no exception as companies moving to the cloud need to be sure that their system is always secure.

A CRM solution in the cloud that protects both the business and its customers is paramount to both the business and the company’s success.

Companies using software such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online offers a number of features to ensure that CRM providers meet with security requirements.

It is important that the Online security covers the users and administrators, the software that drives the service and the hardware and software that makes up the service hosting itself.

Microsoft CRM Online Security for Users and Administrators

The Windows LIVE ID service is used to log into Microsoft CRM Online.  It also is set to manage the security of the Microsoft CRM Online environment.  Users should note that it is recommended that they should create a LIVE ID solely to access Microsoft Dymamics CRM service.

Microsoft CRM Online Security for Data Exchange

SSL is the Secure Sockets Layer protocol.  This helps data security by

  • Proving server authentication
  • data encryption
  • data integrity.

It does not rely on the user to set a procedure to make this happen.  Using SSL insures the data exchanged with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is secure.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Role Based Security

This element focuses on security roles using a set of privileges that represents the tasks and data that can be carried out by the users.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM users a set of predefined security roles and uses can be assigned to one or more of the security roles.


Microsoft take customary measures to help protect the confidentiality of customer data.

The SSL protocol helps protect messages against unauthorised access.

Security for the Service Software

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online helps administrators to maintain security measures using regular testing, proactive measures for potential threats and security audits.

Microsoft CRM Online is ran in a state of the art datacentre with back up powe and carrier class bandwith.  The SLA provides a 99.9% uptime.

Microsoft CRM Online back-up

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online back up provides back up of customer data, including back up of data to tape and secure offsite data storage.

These features give organisations peace of mind about the privacy of their data allowing them to focus on their core business, and get ahead of their competitors.  Using Microsoft CRM Online helps you enjoy the benefits of the cloud services whilst minimising the risks to your security.

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