Microsoft CRM Outlook

Microsoft CRM works over a web browser or through Outlook.  This enables your users to have user preference in the look and feel to the way that they work, but that gives the same results and is the same repository.

What better way to generate user engagement by giving them a system that has a familiar look and feel.

Without users CRM is useless.  Without data CRM is useless.  And without integration and processes in place that CRM either automates or supports, then it simply won’t give you the results you anticipated.

Using Microsoft CRM Outlook means that users feel at home.  Everyone has to adopt CRM for it to work.

Caltech recommend that users are engaged from the outset and that training is offered.

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Just before Christmas, I did hear some vicious rumours that Hosted Microsoft Dynamics has horrible effects on Outlook.  This comment was met with some amusement but does seem to have gained some traction in the industry.  Caltech believe this myth to be just that and we know of no Outlook issues using Dynamics CRM.

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