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Holding a Microsoft partner badge and working with a Microsoft CRM Partner, is a sure way to ensure that your project will be on track for success.  Microsoft offers several partner achievements.  Each one is focused upon a different channel and each has several steps to acquire it.


To be a Microsoft CRM partner, each year Caltech CRM must meet several requirements that Microsoft sets.    There are several business applications including


  • Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management
  • ERP
  • Intelligent Systems


Caltech CRM has an in-house technical team and all MCP’s are held internally.  An MCP is a Microsoft Certified Professional.


Each year our technical team enter rigorous examinations in the most up to date Microsoft CRM software.  Each time there is a new release of CRM then a new examination is released, and Caltech must ensure it achieves these examinations.


For Microsoft Dynamics CRM partnership, Caltech sits 3 exams which are

  • Customisation and Configuration
  • Deployment and installation
  • Applications


Additionally there is an exam regarding SureStep, implementing Dynamics CRM successfully.


The Microsoft partner requirements also include examinations for Sales and Pre-Sales.  This ensures that those organisations representing Microsoft are able to offer its clients the very best advice and service at every turn.


To ensure customer satisfaction another key part of the Microsoft Partnership is to provide up to date references and again these need to be up to date.


Being a Microsoft CRM partner means that you can be sure that your IT project will be on the right track to success.  Caltech IT Limited only focuses on CRM, and has done since 1999, therefore it’s partner status is Customer Relationship Management.


There are benefits of acquiring these status’ including being a part of Microsoft Pinpoint.


Pinpoint showcases the expertise held by each organisation and collects customer reviews.  Also being a partner means that as a business you receive user rights to some of the Microsoft software stack.  This helps to demonstrate and use the software yourself, to get the most from it and to ensure that you are always up to date.


There is also a Microsoft Partner Network which is there to support and extend expertise.  It showcases new releases so that each partner can start to prepare for new functionality that is brought out in each update.  With major releases this is critical so that the partner can get your platform prepared for the update and ensure that your staff are trained and prepared.  Getting the most out of the software at each step.


Microsoft partners are there to ensure that they help you every step of the way to get the most from your software.


So will you invest in a Microsoft Partner for CRM?


The value of your investment will be in the quality of the solution provided.  The architecture of the system is the most critical part.  If this is incorrect then the whole system will not deliver what it needs to, or it will generate avenues for the future, limiting your use to get the most from CRM.


Investing in CRM can sometimes seem unnecessary.  Licenses can be purchased for a per user per month basis and the system can be up and running within hours.  But ask yourself, are you working around the system?  Is it making efficiencies for you?  Is it generating any benefits?


This is where partners, like Caltech, can help to truly ensure that the system is maximised.  Check out our free CRM resources which will help you on your journey.


Another key area is data.  If the data in the system is unclean or simply not used, then CRM is worthless.


To get the most from your Microsoft CRM software, work with Microsoft partners like Caltech.  Let us turn your project into a success.


Microsoft CRM Partner


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