Microsoft CRM Reduces Churn

Microsoft CRM reduces churn and improves customer retention.

I have listed my top 10 ideas of how to reduce churn using Microsoft CRM :

1.  Use activities to schedule reminder tasks to prompt you or your colleagues to follow up customer queries.

2.  Check your data – find out when customers were last contacted, has anyone not been contacted within the last 30, 60, 90 days?

3.  Integrate an email marketing platform such as Dotmailer, to share news, tips, special offers, upsell, cross sell opportunities, and assess individual responses.

4.  Include dynamic content in your marketing messages that show you understand your client.  This could be something about the industry type they work in, their location or the product they use.

5.  Profile your customers.  This will show you the true value of each account.  Can you segment your data to show where they are in terms of product lifecycle.  Are there any clues of ways you can add value to them – what are their pain points?

6.  Collaborate using CRM by sharing with all customer facing teams.

7.  Use workflows that automatically send customer email notifications, customer surveys or information at key points during their buying or support cycles.

8.  Use Microsoft CRM’s dashboards in workplace to continally review your service delivery, and analyse trends.

9.  Use CRM to monitor your service level agreements  and priorise customer issues

10.  Track expiry dates, membership information and other insightful information to prompt key conversations and cuddlers!

How has your organisation retained customers and reduced churn using Microsoft CRM?!

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