Microsoft CRM review

Please see our Microsoft CRM Review!  Customer Relationship Management systems are one of the most talked about and communication tools that any business can use as it helps to drive audience loyalty, increase awareness and ultimately drive sales by using the latest database technology.  Microsoft CRM will achieve all of this if it is implemented and used correctly.

For those that have Microsoft CRM Caltech advise organisations to review the results to ensure that they are getting maximum effect and return on investment.

Review the impact Microsoft CRM has had on your organisation both internally and externally.  Caltech recommend to set up a user group to discuss ideas, problems, issues and also successes.



Microsoft CRM review

Think about what you wanted CRM to do for you in the first instance when you instigated the system.  Did you get stakeholder and end user buy in?  If the buy in from stakeholders and end users isn’t there the system won’t bring any great bearing so its important to take stock and ensure that end users are on board.  There are change management and culture changes that can be instigated if the end users are resistant.  Give them buy in reasons or incentives.

The company wide goal should be around the use of CRM which should support the agreed processes, communication and data platform.  Was your CRM system set up to support your processes and work the way you do or you need to work?  Does Microsoft CRM talk your language?  Is it referring to your clients in a way that your organisation does?  If not again this can be highly tailored so it’s worth thinking about how to get more from your CRM system.

Now you have Microsoft CRM and you have reviewed the system have you used workflows to automate or other clever tips such as cutting out more of the manual parts of your system.  Have you looked at the accelerators that can be added to give extra capability such as event manager?   Speak with your Microsoft CRM consultant and they should be able to offer advice and information on all this.  Caltech specialise in maximising the use of the systems that they are involved with.

As part of your Microsoft CRM review you should check that you have the right reporting that is clear and easy to generate.  To get maximum benefit you need to know how Microsoft CRM is working through detailed reports and information breakdowns.

When you put in the system did you look to the future?  What were your visionary requirements?  Were they followed up and input.  Microsoft CRM will fit your organisations evolving needs but it may need to do more or be altered especially if a process alters.

To find out more about Microsoft CRM contact or why not join us at the Caltech Forum, which will be held on 9th March 2010 in Leeds City Centre.

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