Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Public Preview

Following on from my blog on 22nd November 2017, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, I am excited to confirm that Microsoft has released the anticipated Dynamics 365 for Marketing application public preview in the UK.

This new marketing application adds to the capability of the marketing function already available within Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Sales app).  In my blog of the 22nd November I explained what is available for marketers “out of the box” from the Dynamics 365 package, however, this marketing application now released as public preview adds digital capabilities that I am sure many marketers will be waiting to get their hands on.  As a marketer myself I am currently reviewing this application, and here at Caltech IT Limited, we are already working with the public preview.


So what’s so great about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Public Preview?

If you are a digital marketer using Dynamics 365, wishing to add marketing capability to your solution you will most probably be turning to add-ons.  With this Microsoft backed application (in conjunction with Adobe) it is exciting to see the digital marketing capability that will be released.


Here is a bullet list of the functionality that the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Public Preview application includes:

  • Event Management and webinars including registration and attendance management
  • Fully functioning event portal
  • Voice of the Customer 
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms
  • Customer Journey Management
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Lead Scoring

The ability to add events to a web portal so that delegates can sign up is exciting and something that marketers will really want to embrace.  The customer journey management, using drag and drop functionality, will aid marketers to map out what happens if a customer clicks an email link, or registers for an event, adding great automation and customer engagement.  This will seek to excite the customer and set the standard high for communication as well as giving marketing and sales teams insightful information.


The lead scoring will measure and add weightings for all types of activity such as email opens, event registrations, website visits and more.  This will be a great way for marketing and sales to work closely together to embrace their prospects and customers.  Lead nurturing will be a one-stop data source, and with GDPR around the corner, ensuring that the recipients of your marketing material are subscribed accordingly, will be at the forefront of your mind.  Knowing that the data is in one place and suppressions are managed will be a key consideration for any digital marketer.


Reporting is visual in the Dynamics 365 marketing application, and this clean interface will help marketers to provide clear marketing return on investment demonstrating what strategies work so they can put their effort into those campaigns.


Want to find out more? 

Microsoft has released the blog from Kishan Chetan, which is a must read “Dynamics 365 for Public Preview“.


Microsoft has provided a wealth of information in its Dynamics Marketing Overview discussing the public preview and bringing it to life.  Check it out here: Dynamics 365 Marketing from Microsoft 

Want to find out more or are you looking for a partner to work with on your marketing project?  Contact Caltech IT Limited, we would love to help.

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