CRM – A Compelling Business Case

Many of our clients are pulling together compelling CRM business cases to get their organisation on board with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Calculating ROI of CRM can be challenging due to the face there is no baseline data prior to bringing CRM in – reporting information drawing a line in the sand, there are many independent variables and some of the benefits can be difficult to quantify and put a price tag on!

Research calculates that successful CRM implementations are giving a quick increase of 8% in revenues and an average growth of 16% over a 2 year period.

There are many benefits of CRM and these are usually listed within any business case that is presented to the key stakeholder and board members.  The benefits include more responsive technical support, immediate access to information, reduction of costs of using, and buying products and services and expediated quoting.  Using CRM ensures that there is higher customer experience and improved response times.  Understanding the clients is key and Microsoft CRM facilitates this need.

Before you start to see where savings can be made its important to see where you are now.

One reason why ROI calculations of CRM is difficult is the lack of data prior to commencing a project – quantifying how successful you are now and where you are and how to move forward.

Remember that your business has to accept CRM – and political issues and cultural issues will be important.

A great business case for Microsoft CRM should include a clear definition of CRM – what it means to you and your organisation, what teams will use it and how it will interact.

Calculating benefits and proejct costs will be included in a CRM plan, and its important to understand risks of the project.

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