Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training

Caltech CRM is delighted to announce dates of its Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training courses this summer (2014):


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Foundation Course (28th May 2014)


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Marketing Training Course (9th June 2014)


If you miss these 2 dates don’t worry, we are adding more all the time!  Do give us a call if you wanted to get more information.  For individual and group training on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Caltech CRM will work with you to prepare a bespoke training course that will suit your individual requirements.  Caltech offers:


  • Expert consultancy advice from Microsoft CRM Silver partner, with over 15 years experience training CRM.
  • Training for all CRM editions including CRM 2013, CRM 2011 and version 4 – including Online and on-premise.
  • Bespoke training carried out at your premises, or from our office in West Yorkshire.


Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM training courses include the following:


Microsoft Dynamics CRM training 2013 Foundation Course is designed for those users completely new to CRM.  This training will help to empower the users to navigate quickly around CRM and understand processes, as well as helping them to be more efficient in their own role.   The course will enable users to confidently get to grips with many of the features confidently.


The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training course content includes:

  • Accessing and navigating Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
  • Working with Microsoft CRM 2013 – records
  • Activity management
  • Linking notes and files
  • Connections
  • Overview of key entities: Accounts, Contacts, Marketing, Sales, Service
    and Activities.
  • Microsoft Outlook integration for users – Accessing CRM from within
    Outlook and email communications
  • Views and Advanced Finds
  • Export data using Excel


Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing Training has been designed for marketers specifically wanting to get the most from the CRM software.  The training will ensure that marketers can track ROI on their campaigns and work hand in glove with the sales teams.   The training includes the following agenda headings:

  • Overview of Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities entities
  • Creating Marketing Lists – Static and Dynamic
  • Deactivating Marketing Lists
  • Using Marketing Lists
  • Creating Campaigns
  • Associating Marketing Lists with Campaigns
  • Working with Campaign Activities and Planning Tasks
  • Creating and Using Marketing Campaign Templates
  • Creating and Using Email Templates
  • Campaign Responses
  • Campaign Performance Reporting
  • Quick Campaigns
  • Importing Leads


Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales Training has been designed specifically for sales professionals wanting to get the most from the CRM system to manage their leads and opportunities.

Course content includes:

  • Working with Leads.
  • Creating, Assigning and Promoting Leads.
  • Accounts, creating, assigning, sharing and handling duplicates.
  • Contacts, creating, deleting, assigning, sharing and connecting contacts.
  • Opportunity management
  • Activity management including appointments, phone calls, emails, tasks, letters and faxes.
  • Competitor specification.
  • Personal Customisation creating charts and graphs, reports and views.


We also offer Microsoft Dynamics CRM Administration training!


CRM Training = User Adoption   

Get the results you need from your CRM implementation


Implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy does not affect just the customer facing employees; indeed every business function is likely to be affected by a CRM solution.  A representative from each team across your organisation should be involved in planning a CRM project.  Ultimately it’s their processes and strategies that will make the entire CRM project a success.  And that’s why ongoing training for users is an essential component, often making the difference between a successful, or a failed CRM project.


Now you have implemented CRM and paid for the software, the last thing you want to do is pay more money for training!  However this investment in your people, supporting them with the system can often be the make or break of any successful CRM implementation.


Low user adoption is one of our top ten CRM implementation problems.  The entire business community must understand why CRM is required and what it will facilitate for them.


Think about why you set out to implement CRM in the first place.

  • What was your goal?
  • Do your users understand the goal?
  • Now your CRM implementation is signed off, can the system support your users to achieve those goals?

CRM simply won’t work unless the people using it can see clear benefits for themselves, for their role and for the business.


Data is a crucial element of CRM success.  Establish who owns the data and ensure there is a data strategy.  If the end users cannot work with the data, the CRM engagement will fall apart no matter how good the system or the training is.


Many individuals fear change.  It’s the fear of the unknown, fear of failure, perhaps the fear of success or the fear of being exposed.  Many employees would welcome change at work, they will want to do more, work better with other teams and want the business to be successful.  Other people may be reluctant to share their data or may see CRM as simply something else to do, however change is inevitable, so getting your teams on board early is absolutely essential.


Once they are on board and they can see how CRM can enhance their working life, bringing benefits to their teams and to the business, you need to channel this enthusiasm and ensure effective training is received.  With the right CRM training your users can help you meet your CRM goals, helping your company to grow and be more successful.


The training has to be specific for your teams and your processes.  During implementation you will have aligned the software to your processes.  The CRM training must encompass the processes and the way the system will support those, make your users’ lives easier, and ultimately enable your CRM strategy.


CRM training is a benefit rather than an expense. This investment is a sure way to get the most from your people and CRM system.


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training

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