Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial

Are you looking for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial?  Look no further!  Caltech provides a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial for 60 days – totally free of charge.  Taking out a trial of Dynamics CRM is easy and does not require a credit card.  Just your email address.


Where can you get a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial?

You can take out a trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online directly from Microsoft.  If you want to do that please contact us and we can arrange it all for you to make it even more hassle free!  These trial are 30 days long.

Alternatively you can take out a trial of Microsoft CRM Hosted from Caltech.  Our hosted platform is in the UK and our trials last for 60 days.


Is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM free trial?

Yes – totally!  If after your trial you decide to continue just subscribe before your end date if you have a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online trial, or just email us following your hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial.

If you take out a free trial of Hosted CRM from Caltech then you will receive the full terms and conditions on sign up – no hidden charges or obligations.


Can you put your data in on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial?

Absolutely yes!  We want you to go in there and enter your data.  Really get the benefit of the trial.  If you need help to do this or wanted a one to one demonstration of the trial, Caltech can help.  Free and without any obligation!

To enter your data into CRM you can use a CSV or Excel file and import the data in.  If you are struggling with this please email us and we can help you, every step of the way.


Can you do the Outlook integration on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial?

Again yes!  By doing this you get a true feel of how you will use CRM, how easy it is and how you can track and use the Outlook features in Dynamics CRM.  Need a hand, just call us and our support desk can help.  Ask for Catherine.


Is there training for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial?

Within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online trial there are help features throughout.

Here at Caltech, we can offer a free walk through, one to one, of Dynamics CRM.  We are here to help you to get the most from the software.  By taking the time to do this with us, you will be able to ask questions pertinent to you and find out about how you can get more from the software and any tips and tricks we can recommend.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial account

Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial account can be set up in moments.  Certainly within 24 hours!


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial Cost

The cost of the trial for both Online and hosted is completely free of charge.  The Online platform offers 30 days and the Hosted platform is a 60 day free CRM trial.  You are under no obligation whatsoever to then subscribe.


Here at Caltech we recognise that CRM isn’t something that can be rushed.  You can either start with a simple implementation or you can plan your processes and do a more focused implementation.  The choice is yours.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial Download

Once you get your download of the trial you are free to log in and play – test and create!


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial Getting started

Getting started with your trial can seem daunting.  Start with your goals.  What do you want CRM to achieve for you?  What will it manage?  What data?  Which processes.  Perhaps look at our 10 steps to CRM.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial Ebook – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial Guide

Caltech has developed a concise Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial ebook guide to help to get you started.  Click the image below for your free copy!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial Ebook







Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial Export to Excel

You may wish to export your data to excel during your trial.  Dynamics CRM has an Export to Excel button which can be used to pull data out of CRM and sort.  Whatsmore it can be reimported back into Dynamics CRM to update and refresh records.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial Help

If you need help at any time during your CRM Trial, you will be able to call upon Microsoft CRM partners like Caltech to help you.  We can plan what you are trying to achieve and offer architecture to move you forwards.


As CRM partners we have relevant expertise and competencies in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Each year we take relevant examinations and update our knowledge continuously.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial Log in

Once you have signed up for your trial you will receive a log in.  This can be used by you and your colleagues to test and get the most from your trial.  Collaboration across the teams is an important way to get the most from the software.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial Marketing

Microsoft CRM manages sales, service and marketing.  This is not to be confused with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing which is a completely different solution.  It is a seamless add on to Dynamics CRM and offers exceptional marketing capability.



Microsoft Dynamics CRM On Premise Trial

If you need to trial Microsoft Dynamics CRM On Premise then get a hosted trial of CRM from Caltech.  The hosted platform has the same features as On Premise and it will allow you to appropriately test the solution and find out more about your needs and how you want to use it.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial Training / Tutorial

The best way to get training or tutorials during your Dynamics CRM trial is to either use the videos and help provided in the Online environment, or give Caltech CRM Partners a call, and we can help you to facilitate CRM.


Get your free 60 day trial of Dynamics CRM from Caltech here!

Microsoft CRM Free Trial


And let us know what you think!

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