Microsoft Dynamics CRM Update

w/e 7.12.12

What a week!


I have had a number of meetings with new prospects and existing Microsoft CRM customers this week.


Interestingly the new companies that I saw were all looking at managing their leads – understanding where they are coming from and what they then do with them. I still find it amazing that  a lot of companies that I talk to have no idea how many
leads they get each month , where they came from and what their staff have done with them.


One company I talked to said that they sent out 10,000 brochures each year and yet they had no idea if they received any business from this expensive activity.  When asked “what is the response from the mailers” the answer was (incredibly) – I have no idea but we have always done it so we continue to do it!)


Hopefully with a CRM system installed they should be able to see where the leads have come from, what was the cost of each lead and whether the effort was worth it!


I also spent a half day at one of our customers who are just getting to grips with CRM. They are beginning to find their way around the system and thankfully had the system implemented using SureStep.  Due to this they are now beginning to reap the benefits of having a system that works the way they do and they are starting to see some benefits.  They can track their sales funnell clearly and are able to tweak their processes to ensure communication and their actvitiy is worthwhile!


What will this week bring?!


Down in Surrey today seeing a housing association and also our Sharepoint partners to marry up TenantViewCRM – should be fun a full day of TenantViewCRM!


Later this week a couple of days of analysis workshops following SureStep.  Quite detailed meetings lots of coffee will be the order of the day – but so worthwhile to ensure that the clients are understanding the system and getting exactly what they need to successfully manage CRM!


Then a half day with my marketing manager to thrash out next year’s exciting plans – Bring it on 2013!



Phil Callaghan.

Managing director Caltech IT

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