A Guide to Scoping a CRM Project

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Scoping a CRM project is a critical step to ensure you are setting off on your CRM journey with a plan to equip you to success and benefits.


To ensure CRM will work there are crucial elements for consideration including:


  • Business requirements
  • Business processes
  • Data
  • and managing risk


Our guide, Scoping a CRM Project, will help to pull together these requirements by identifying key questions you need to answer for CRM success!



Reasons to download Scoping a CRM project:

  • What sales and business development need to think about when scoping CRM
  • How marketing can do more for less and generate automation using CRM
  • How customer service get the most from a CRM solution


This guide helps to ensure that the planning is in place way before you start to think about CRM products or start to look for a CRM specialist.


By structuring your processes and requirements in this way means that when you do start to look at solutions you know if it will be a good fit.  Processes need to be in good shape as CRM will help to optimise them, offering automation and critical paths to open communication.

For more help see our Top 10 Implementation mistakes you want to avoid, and use our Scoping a CRM Project guidelines to help avoid these common errors.

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Download A Guide to Scoping a CRM Project