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Companies of every size are now involved in managing and analysing a massive influx of data from a myriad of sources.  By focusing on what you need to know will uncover the critical data that marketers need to focus on to reach more clients, grow the business and engage with their customers.


Businesses rely on analysis and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) analytics rather than a gut feeling.


This ebook seeks to explore the difference between big data and little data, and offers tips of how to empower critical data using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


We all know there is more data collected on us all than ever before and that we all hold more data.  Making sense of this data is where the Big Data debate continues.


Big Data is what organisations know about people aggregated from lots of different sources like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, Social Media, YouTube, Instagram, mobile devices, the internet – in fact anywhere.


Understanding the data to interrogate geo-locations and buying behaviour can create personalised sensible offers.  This data can be used to build data models to upsell, cross-sell and retain customers, but Big Data and CRM will display other insightful patterns that marketers or analysts don’t always see.



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