How to Get Buy-in When Building a CRM Business Case

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Pulling together a CRM business case can be pretty daunting.  Where to start, who to include, where to draw the boundaries.


Setting processes and matching Microsoft CRM to these processes, is allowing lots of organisations to create unique selling points and credible market differentiators.


Ensuring that your organisation focuses on the right goals and targets, you can propel Microsoft Dynamics CRM to revolutionise your efforts.


This ebook seeks to demonstrate why effective CRM = good business, as well as giving you some hints and tips for building a strong business case to get buy-in to deliver a CRM solution that will deliver lasting results.



Get your CRM Business Case Right!

Scoping a CRM project is all about deciding which areas of your business will be covered by the CRM solution.  CRM can be an organisation-wide solution.


A CRM strategy cannot be developed in isolation by one team.  It has to embrace the business strategy and build on sales, marketing and customer service initiatives that are in place.


By downloading this FREE ebook you will be empowered to develop a CRM business case that will: 

  • Demonstrate how a CRM solution will support your business
  • Explain how a CRM solution support the teams
  • Get shareholders on side to see the value
  • Generate senior management team benefits

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