Summer CRM Workshops (Free)

Join us throughout summer 2014, at one of our summer CRM workshops, where you can get 2 ½ hours free consultancy from one of the UK’s leading Microsoft CRM consultants, Caltech CRM.

This workshop is perfect for those organisations who are using Microsoft CRM and feel it needs to do more for them, or for those organisations who are looking at implementing CRM, or perhaps are building a business case for CRM.


The workshop will contain 3 strands:

  • Deep dive to understand issues or challenges you are facing
  • Short team task
  • Review of how Caltech CRM methodology and expertise can address your issues.


There are 4 dates to choose from :

  • 23rd July 2014 (09.00 to 12.00)
  • 30th July 2014 (09.00 to 12.00)
  • 5th August 2014 (09.00 to 12.00)
  • 3rd September 2014 (10.00 to 12.30)


The 2013 summer surgery helped us focus our idea of CRM and allowed us to create a successful implementation plan.

To register your place for your organisation at the free, no obligation Summer CRM workshop, register here.  Alternatively call Catherine on 01924507280


A successful CRM implementation will help you find, close, grow and retain your client base.  Caltech will share its 7 rules of CRM strategy for you to apply to ensure CRM results.

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