Taking the leap from Excel to CRM


Are you ready to take the leap from Excel to CRM?  Many businesses and charities when they first commence trading collect their data on excel spreadsheets.  As the business grows several things can happen:


  • More staff come on board and the spreadsheet you have held and nurtured all that time becomes redundant, as the new staff eagerly create their own data, or misunderstand the data collection.
  • Lots of spreadsheets start “popping up” across the business, with duplication and error.
  • Excel ceases to manage data and starts to try to manage processes.
  • The data can no longer be trusted as there are too many inconsistencies and no one truth.

And that’s when the leap from Excel to CRM is often a catalyst.

Useful data not static data

CRM solutions makes your data useful.  It starts to work for you.  Data mining is easier, really drilling down on your data to target market.

The data comes alive through activity management.  No customer is ever left un-touched.  When was the last time you spoke with your customers?  How often do you contact them?

Perhaps they have annual support contracts that need reminders.  With CRM the possibilities are endless.

Lead Nurturing

Do you lead nurture?  If you used excel to grab email addresses and market to them, then using CRM will be a dream come true!  Imagine creating a meaningful marketing list and being able to see who had what communication and when.  CRM will manage all suppressions and it’s easy to create follow ups from every communication.

Marketing in CRM 2013 means that you can report your return on investment for that marketing campaign, showing you the most efficient marketing activities allowing you more focus on them.

No loss during handover points

CRM ensure that no lead ever falls through the cracks.  Handover of leads from marketing to sales is in one system not several spreadsheets.  Indeed bringing sales and marketing together has obvious benefits.


One Truth

Have you ever thought that you are not sure which data is correct?  An you truly trust the information in your organisation?  Dynamics CRM ensures that there is one truth.  The need for disjointed spreadsheets is dissipated.  Reporting is easy using views and dashboards, giving you a clear picture of your business.

Microsoft CRM manages processes.  The data is dynamic so always up to date.  Processes are structured so everyone in the business is operating in the same way reducing data inconsistencies.

About Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most user friendly CRM solutions in the market place.  It’s scalable and a powerful CRM solution.  Dynamics CRM helps your business to grow, tracking interactions and providing a clear picture across your business.

Have you outgrown excel?

are you ready for the leap from Excel to CRM?

Do you want to know more about how CRM 2013 can make your data work harder?

How your teams can trust one true picture?

And how your data can give you glimpses of your competitive advantage?

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