Step 10 : Review

Your system is in. Data stored and working. The teams are trained and have been involved in bringing CRM into the organisation. Reporting is easy. Sharing data is working well. You have followed our top implementation steps. So that’s it project sign off.

But that’s just the beginning of your CRM journey.

Set up a user group.

Meet every quarter. Discuss ideas, problems and feedback. The system will need tweaking when processes alter. New requirements are realised. You may have a trained system administrator that can make some changes.

Keep abreast of the product you have selected. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is being developed and improved all the time with new functionality added. Attend user groups; here at Caltech we manage 3 user groups per year to ensure that our clients are up to date and getting the most from their technology.

Your organisation alters, grows and develops and CRM is no different. There is no silver bullet. Managing a CRM implementation employing CRM experts will place your requirements in safe hands, whilst safeguarding the required benefits and meeting your headlines… the reason why you set out on this journey in the first place.

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