Step 3: Get Buy-In

CRM is a cross functional solution. Every function within an organisation can potentially benefit and achieve more from using CRM.

Whilst the organisational implications are huge, adopting a CRM strategy is evolutionary. Remember small changes can bring significant benefits.

CRM is used by so many teams across an organisation. Each department needs to take responsibility for their own part of the process and system.

Do identify champions for each team
Do ensure there is a board sponsor
Do keep the company involved

As the cultural implications of CRM are significant, by gaining buy-in across the organisation, people related issues will be addressed.

Bringing CRM into any organisation is likely to have an impact on every job. For individuals, the aim is to provide each person with better information, allowing operators to be more efficient.

Everyone has to adopt CRM for it to work. Without them, the system simply will not give the results you set out to achieve.

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