Step 6 : Don’t Cut Corners on Implementation

Implementing CRM or IT systems of any nature is a notoriously difficult process. The top reasons for CRM failure include lack of project management, lack of consultation and management buy-in, lack of communication and the system not doing what it needs to do.

Your CRM implementation needs to be right first time. We use Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step to deliver successful CRM implementations.

We have refined and structured our implementation process following Sure Step to give you confidence, visibility and control.

Following a strict implementation process helps deliver a solution to meet your precise needs on time and on budget. Cost will not spiral out of control. Risks are monitored and lines of communication are clear.

There are 6 phases with client sign off points, and reviews after 5 of the phases. Missing out any phase can be catastrophic.

The implementation of a CRM solution may seem daunting, but can successfully be achieved by following clear guidelines.

Do review the implementation closely with your preferred supplier.

Do take time to understand costs and what will be delivered.

Do keep it small and simple.

CRM has to be nurtured, used, grown and developed to reap the benefits you set out to achieve.

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