Step 7 : Make the Most of a Free Trial

Free trial = Great!

Not necessarily.

Don’t jump in too soon. Get a demonstration. Review YouTube videos. Check out best practises.

There is no point in taking out a free trial of a system unless you have time to review it during the trial period, and you understand your processes and how the system would work for you.

We offer a free CRM discovery. This enables us to take time to get a flavour of how the system will be used, by who and the data set. We can then show you how you would use the system and how it would work for your organisation.

Now it’s your turn. Trial it for yourself; but don’t do this alone.

Get suppliers involved and your team of CRM advocates within your organisation. Ask questions, however remember it’s not the finished system. Therefore if you need a lot of configuration have the expectation set – it’s just a trial.

Do take time out to trial properly.

Do take advice, review YouTube and read available how to books. Microsoft CRM for dummies is a great resource.

Do remember it’s a trial system so any tailoring won’t be there…

Do get key users involved at discovery and trial. They will be the end user champions.

Do think about other system you use and user-ability of the product.

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