Upgrading to Microsoft CRM 2013

Upgrading Microsoft CRM is a consideration that can’t be taken lightly – here is some advice that can set you on your way.
Microsoft CRM Online
Hosted by Microsoft.  Any upgrades are carried out when Microsoft applies them.  For the Microsoft CRM 2013 upgrade, Microsoft emailed Online clients to confirm the date they would be upgraded, and gave information about any functionality that would need to be altered.

The client has been able to delay the upgrade date for up to 120 days.  All CRM Online sites have now been upgraded to Microsoft CRM 2013 and these have gone fairly smoothly.  Those clients with functionality that needed changes have been able to make the changes before the upgrade date.   The Online customers are now all upgraded and have had to adopt the changes.
Microsoft CRM On-Premise
Licenses are held on a server of your choice.  The licenses are purchased.  You are entitled to upgrade to Microsoft CRM 2013 if you have software assurance in place.  Caltech does work with on-premise clients, and would be happy to discuss upgrade paths for those clients.  See our upgrade process here.
Microsoft CRM Hosted from Caltech
Hosted by Caltech CRM.  Caltech hosted customers are currently all using Microsoft CRM 2011 (February 14).   As a hosted customer you can choose when to upgrade to CRM 2013, but there are many compelling reasons why you should have this planned in the coming months.

As a hosted user, part of the license fee covers you for software updates, so one of the benefits of being a hosted user is to always be on the latest version.  That said, we would welcome putting upgrade dates in the diary over the next few months, with a full upgrade for all clients at the latest around spring next year (2015).

Upgrading Microsoft CRM a simple process?

For some of you the transition may be smooth, and a fairly simple process depending on the coding and customisation of your site.

For others the upgrade will need more support and planning.

See our FAQ’s describing how Caltech intends to help you to upgrade and support you and your end users through the upgrade process.  If you need any further information please contact your account manager.



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