Video Conferencing The Winner Over Coronavirus

Many businesses we talk to are now starting to work from home wherever possible to minimise travel and to continue business operations.  Caltech has put this in place last week, so business as usual but just working remotely.  Using video conferencing has been great and is keeping everyone in touch and we still get to see each other face to face, essential in these unsettling and what can be lonely times.  Indeed we see video conferencing the winner over Coronavirus…


The use of video really adds value and encouraging all staff to use it is great as sometimes voice alone just isn’t the same, it’s more engaging than audio.  Running conference calls with prospects and customers at this time is also essential and conferencing can really help.  Set some outlines for the conference call so that everyone gives time just in case there is any lagging with home wifi systems.


Using the chat facility is really handy and again keeps you in touch.  You can direct message or set up some groups, so everyone has the same message.


Other great features within conference solutions include:

  • Raising a virtual hand
  • Polls within a group
  • Blurring your background to remove any distraction and giving that sense of professionalism wherever you are
  • Collaboration via audio, video, screen sharing and instant messaging
  • It’s fast and secure

We are using Microsoft Teams which has been essential, and we check in a few times a day as a group to keep our Caltech team strong.


With the increased risk and spread of COVID-19 we wish all our clients a safe and healthy time.  If you wanted to discuss other methods of homeworking during these forthcoming weeks, please call us on 01924507280 or contact your account manager if we can help at all.

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